Sunday 2 December 2012

How to: Make a Large Box Art Journal

Hello December!! =D I'm both excited and appalled that you're here so early! I've so much to do and not much time to do it in and then it's 2013 and boy! do I have a lot planned for that year. I've already picked my word for the year and everything lol because I intend to look back on 2013 the way I will 2012; with happiness and pride at what I've achieved (for the purpose of this blog all the 'artily' stuff I've accomplished, but outside of it generally in life as well).
A big part of my arty journey in 2012, particularly the latter half is my current art journal. This journal I absolutely adore, and have even given it the title of my most favourite EVER art journal! Of course it started off with very humble beginnings, like all my projects, as this cereal box:
It is still to be properly decorated exterior, but I'm waiting until nearer the end of this journal to decide what identity feels right for it's covers. Sometimes I decorate the exterior first, and that develops what the identity of the interior will be, but this time I'm waiting until it feels right to jazz up the face it will forever after present to the world =)
Ever since I first started showing this journal I have been asked how I made it, well now after what I've been doing this weekend, HOORAH I can show you!!! I've made a video with some footage I shot when I first made this journal (intending to use it for another project) so now I can just point peeps to this video to see for themselves. However, this video will not make much sense unless you have seen the original cereal box journal tutorial I did ages ago (which I will embed under the newer video) because this journal is just an adaptation of that so please ensure you watch that one as well if you need to (especially before asking questions it will probably answer for you, as my intention with this video was to help me decrease, rather than increase my already heavy inbox of qus lol). Hope you enjoy =D

Here is the original Cereal Box -to- Art Journal Tutorial:

...(if you give it a go) Happy Journal Making =) much love Jennibellie


  1. is there ANYTHING you can't do Jenny?!? Amazing. So many wonderful posts to catch up with here, and so good to be back. xox

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I tried to watch the video, but it kept stopping and spinning, stopping and spinning. I'm not sure if it's my computer or something with the server where you have the video loaded, but wanted to let you know. (I'd love to watch this video!)

  3. I love your creativity and use of recycled items. Gorgeous journal!

  4. I'm adding another thing to my "Jennie to-do" list :) I find that when I click the "watch on youtube" so that I can watch on a larger screen...I spend hours watching your other Thanks for doing what you do!

  5. Unfortunately our work firewall doesn't like Youtube, so i'll have to watch them later.

    Love the journal, and not sure if it needs any more work. It looks kind of leathery :)

  6. fabulous! This looks gorgeous! Thank you!

  7. What a fantastic way to recycle! Thanks for the inspiration I always love your makes!

  8. What are the dimensions of your journal? How much smaller than the journal cover should the pages be?
    I really love all your videos and get so excited when a new one comes out.

  9. Love just Love your hand made journals. I made my first one out of a large gift bag that was brightly colored and see threw aswell. it came out beautifully awsume. I just love book binding. love Mrs. Terri Simmers


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