Sunday 25 November 2012

Material Investment (and a Faux Gelli Plate Printing Video Tutorial)

Okay so this gelli printing business is suddenly *everywhere* & initially I wasn't much bothered about it, not being one for crafting trends. It has often been my view that things created by the industry are never really brand new, just a reinvention of an older concept - and I guess the same can be said here as monoprinting with glass or gelatin has had a much longer lifespan than nicely packaged craft industry creations. However, I appreciate any tools that are brought out that make a creative life easier so I decided I would own one before I snubbed it as being just another industry trend.
Well I looked everywhere to purchase one in the UK, and while I can get them, they cost as much P&P to get them here (& sometimes more) than the actual product - which would take it to the cost up to that of a new guillotine, or crop-a-dile, or any other of my 'live-by' and use everyday tools. I judge the investment of my art supplies by making them comparable on a scale of usability and value to me: if something is ridiculously expensive but makes my life easier & I use it everyday then I pay it – my scrapbox desk is a good example here. Otherwise if the cost of the product does not equal the use I would get out of it on my scale I do without or find alternatives; so that is what I decided to do here and I created a faux gelli printing technique with what I already had.
my 'faux' gelli plate printing results
There's no reason one cannot play just because one does not have the correct craft-industry approved products!! The results are quite groovy actually, and naturally I created a tutorial for you guys to play too ;)
I hope it is of use to you if you fancy trying this technique and don't want/can't afford to get the gelli plate. Much love Jennibellie x

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  1. I tried ALL kinds of stuff before I gave in and bought my gelli plate - craft mat, plastic wrap, all sorts of strange things. NOTHING worked like the plate does, but it was fun figuring it out!!

  2. I'm going to watch now. I was thinking there must be an alternative so I've been keeping an eye out for a regular silicone mat to try (the baking kind). Can't wait to see how you did it!

  3. Coucou Jenniebelle,
    Thank you for a lovely video. Brilliant idea. I tried something similar back in the summer using a sheet of acetate - it was really good fun and the effects were good too, but not quite as cool as yours. I have got a Lidl's oven proof non stick baking sheet/ mat that has a tear on one edge, ........mmmmmmm I think I may have to re-purpose that to my craft box .Thanks for sharing more of your fab ideas and please don't stop humming it was
    lovely to listen too. I don't think the Gellie plates you mentioned are available here in France either. But no matter we don't need them anyway do we LOL.

  4. Jenni, I think it is great that you discover and share way of doing things that do not require specially bought materials. I'm an American living in Ukraine so I do a lot of recycle. No craft stores to speak of so I love alternative ideas. Keep up the good work, girl!


  5. thanks for the video, I decided I did not want to spend the money

  6. Really creative. I'm asking a gelli plate for Christmas but if I'm not getting one I defenitly going to try your option!
    I have a nice give-away on my blog. It's a magazine for paperlovers and very useable after reading with it different papers and illustrations. (yes I use my old ones)

  7. Your creative skills inspires me a lot...

  8. Stunning design with pleasing shades that inspires viewers a lot...


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