Friday 2 November 2012

How to Like Your Journal Pages

Hello, hello =) I hope everyone had a happy Halloween week, I just created a video I've had bubbling in my cauldron for a while, although I didn't know that until I came to do it...I love how our Muses (and our subconscious too I think) work and direct us. 
I think this is probably quite a newbie video, in that it was discussions with new art journalers that prompted it, but also it might help anyone who needs some advice of practical steps to boosting their artistic confidence.
I hope this video helps if any of the issues I discuss effect you. I understand that there are many artists in our community that will feel they have a hold of this stuff themselves, so really don't need me to sit and tell them, however I do feel it is important to give what we can when we have experience and/or confidence in our artwork, so that others can benefit from our learning curves. Otherwise how will our little online community expand or get more people interested if we don't share some of the secrets from within?

Much love and a happy weekend to you guys =) Jennibellie


  1. Thanks for posting. I am a new art journal-er, but a seasoned writer. These tips are also very relevant to my writing. It is difficult when a story takes a turn away from my preconceived plan. I am still learning to just go along for the ride and evaluate the finished project based on the work itself, not based on how well it did (or didn't) match up to my plan. I love your art journal videos. I always learn a lot from you.

  2. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you. I so needed this post. It couldn't have come at a better time. I've just recently started to art journal...well as I make each page I don't like it and tear it out and throw it out...then I continue to the next one and it too ends up torn out and thrown out. I am going to view your video again and absorb all of the information over again and tonight I'm going to create my first page and NOT THROW IT OUT. I follow you on FB as always thank you for all that you do for us. You are wonderful!!!


  3. I am so much enjoying the process of creating pages and using my supplies that I don't criticize my work for the first time in my life.
    By the way I sketched the embroidered flower on your pillow case as I watched your video.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Thanks for your encouraging and fun posts. I am so enjoying making pages and using my supplies that I don't criticize my work for the first time in my life.
    By the way, I sketched the flower on your pillow case while watching your video. LOL

  5. Hi Jenny
    Thanks for another inspiring and very helpful video. you're awesome! Tip number two is something that I have been practicing for a couple of months now and it really works!! Tip number one is something that I find much harder to get right :o) I think this is such a relevant topic and that you so much for always giving and sharing and encouraging all of us! Your insight is valuable and motivating. have a happy weekend.
    much love

  6. THANKS!!!! Love this post.... for some reason I never like my pages when I'm making them... when I come back to them 2-3 days later I really love them! Not sure why that is but I've learned to embrace it,

  7. Thank you for this video Jenniebellie.♥ I have always loved art and I've been experimenting, trying to make art journals for a few months or so now. I still don't have the knack for it, but I think I'm improving with the practice. Your videos are so inspiring to me and help me so much. I sent a friend your links and it's like I gave her a Christmas present; she is that excited about your giving her permission to use her saved junk and your techniques. You have another two fans here. Luv ya, Diane

  8. As a new art journaler I have been more than critical of my journal pages. Especially as I am not an artist by nature. This is all very new for me. My young but wise 12 yr old daughter told me "STOP OVER THINKING IT!!" That I just need to let go and create. I am finding that more than difficult to be honest. I need to realize that what I am creating is about me, not that it needs to necessarily "LOOK PRETTY". I'm sure, at least I am hopeful that with time my skills and techniques will develop and improve. This blog post has definitely been most helpful. Thank you!!! You truly are an inspiration. (((((HUGS)))))

  9. jenny thanks for this video. When I see this beautiful work I wanted to put my journal and work again. Thanks.
    have a nice weekend and my lovely greet

  10. Thank you so much for this video and all your others too actually. I'm a new follower and am new to sketchbooking/art journalling/whatever else one wants to call it. I am so new in fact I just completed my very first page the other day. I do now love it, but until I watched this video, I was unhappy with it and convinced it wasn't as good as this person or that person's work and it's not what I envisioned. I want to make my own books out of cards and junk mail booklets and am so excited about the whole thing. It's time for ME to make what I love and enjoy learning new techniques along the way. Thank you so much Jenni. Keep Calm And Carry On Inspiring *hug* :0) Mo x

  11. You are the best, Jennie....always sharing your knowledge, always an encouraging word. You sweet girl, are an inspiration. Thank you!

  12. Jennie, Just wanted to let you know that I linked your video on my "5 Fabulous Things" blog series! Great advice and I love your creative ideas.


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