Friday 23 November 2012

I'm trying...

desperately to get on and create an eco-friendly diy tutorial for christmas but ya know what?? Muse wants to do other things...seriously she is not leaving me alone to get on with anything, other than what she wants, right then and right there. Look at this paper on my desk - this is from *another* fabulous one hour idea that just had to be executed IMMEDIATELY, no if's, no but's!
One hour?! Just look at this mess - well actually you can't, as I'm intentionally limiting you to just this portion of the desk lol but I'm spending more time cleaning, than I am actually creating with how quickly Muse is changing gears on me. One minute everything needs to be clean and crisp so as to not ruin the pretty metals pieces, beads and gems I'm using, the next paint is EVERYWHERE and I've ruined my freshly painted nails that I thought would be safe for at least a day with the 'clean' crafts lol
Sneaky-peaky at the eco-friendly diy tutorial - yep it really is eco-friendly, just you wait, you'll looooooooooove it =D
But you know what, it may sound like I'm complaining here but HELL NO. 
yeah baby =D

A couple of nights ago Muse made me make this video below for Thanksgiving (even though I'm English lol), in case you haven't seen it here it is:
The Journal giveaway is open to all countries on my facebook page here. Good luck if you enter =)
Byeeeee for now, Jennibellie =D


  1. Well you can't ignore the muse when she calls. I'm very intrigued about what you've been upto and can't wait to see it/them all.
    Your desk looks wonderful with all those colours. I don't have a desk or anywhere permanent but I've started to use up any extra paint, ink, etc on A4 sheets that will fit somewhere until dry then popped away ready and waiting to be used. Yay!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Jenny :0) Mo x

  2. Does your active muse have a wild name???:) Oh my loving all those colors danci
    ng together.

  3. Can you send your muse to me for a little while? I haven't been having ANY artsy feelings lately. I desperately want to be working in my art journal, but when I sit down at my desk there is just NOTHING (no ideas...don't know what to do)! I don't feel like doing anything! Help!

  4. Listen to your muse, my beautiful art friend. It knows your soul.

  5. Jenny I love your Muse! She is just a wild woman. I so admire you simply giving in to her and letting your creativity run amok! GO JENNY!

  6. Don't ya just love it when you know you have to work on something that's just waiting to be released from your minid. It doesn't happen to me very often but I really get a rush when it does. Love your work.

  7. Hey! When the muse cracks the whip you have to move and create while the urge drives you. I can hardly wait to see what you have been up to. :)

    I don't have facebook, so I can't qualify. :(

    I got such a kick out of the baby talk with your dog. I baby talk animals but not so much with real babies--LOL! ;)

  8. Let your muse for a while rest Jenny after resting she will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes.

  9. Following you now, Jenni. Hope you'll come by and follow on mine as well where you'll see I'm promoting some of your tuts to share further with my readers. Cheers...

  10. Following you now, Jenni. Hope you'll follow on mine. It's a good reminder for me to come back here.

    Coleen in Ukraine


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