Thursday 5 July 2012

More...Moleskine Musings (with video review)

Hello lovely people, I hope you're enjoying the summer heat (if indeed you have any??), I can't exactly say we do...but it's not chucking it down so anything's a bonus =) I said in saturday's post, where I showed a few pages from my moleskine, I would show you more once my June Challenge (to draw in it everyday) was done. Well here is the video flip & one page (only one...otherwise what you gonna see in the video?? LOL)
In the video I also do a review & tell you how I think the moleskine sketchbook (someone asked in my last post which moleskine it's the sketchbook, not cahier or watercolour etc) stands up to different forms of media. I use acrylic, watercolour, Derwent Inktense and Artbars, crayons & pastels, collage & pencil - all sorts, and give you my verdict on each. Hope you enjoy, much love JB xx

****An Hour Later**** - Correction, it is now chucking it down! Monsoon styliee...
(British weather, humph!)


  1. I just love your work. You have inspiared me to go art journaling for myself. If you like you can take a look at my blog.
    I am a newby on the journaling but I just love it. And I watched almost all your you tube films. Thanks for sharing them.
    Love Melanie.

  2. I've tried out moleskine in the past, and I just didn't get along with them. The sketchbook paper wouldn't take my watercolour (like you said)and I found that the paper did wrinkle on me to. I've used the plain one for writing as well and the paper is so thin in it that any form of ink apart from ballpen leaks through.
    Lovely work though, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this all. Beautiful work you have made in your journal book. Love it.
    It inspires me to go on with my journaling.
    Lovely greet

  4. Nice review. I agree. I wasn't that impressed and had trouble with various media bleeding through. Made me wonder why they are so famous. Might have just been the style with the elastic band closure, but now there are so many of those out.

    The watercolor journal buckles and bleeds through pretty easily, too. I haven't purchased one for writing as I heard from several sources that fountain pens bleed right through. You definitely have to have a specific preference for moleskine accommodating media or pens. ;)

  5. thanks for a great post and sharing your experience with moleskine, love your pages - Joyce

  6. Since finding your blog in the last week, you've inspired me to get off my arse and sketch again.

    You're pieces are beautiful.
    Never used a Moleskine journal, they are difficult to find where I live.


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