Friday 6 July 2012

Homemade All-in-One Journal & Travel Kit (with vid)

Hey guys, just want to show you my latest project (well projects really) for taking away on my hols. I made this all-encompassing journal & travel kit out of unused and scrap items:
The main ingredient is this old filofax thing from my uni days:
Then I added elements I had made from scrap plastic (turned them into sealable wallets & folders), tissue box cardboard (the closures for the wallets), found an old pencil case and dog clip to attach it to the outside etc. In the pockets & folders I added stickers, stamps, collage papers, washi tape etc.

My favourite bit of the journal is possibly that rubber on a chain! It was too fat to fit into the filofax with it closed so I drilled a hole and added it to a ballchain I got off of some clothing so it can sit outside the kit, but still be attached. The other useful element on there is the Tim Holtz fragment, which I can use with my stamps inside of lugging around a big acrylic block (cool eh?)
Finally the piece de resistance is how I'm going to carry my colouring media around - it's in these homemade watercolour & watersoluable palettes you see on the right:
But I'm not showing you any more on those as that is my next tutorial & I don't want to spoil it lol but in the meantime here's a video of me showing the kit properly if you want to see (along with the travel journal I made to go with it which I haven't shown in this post & lots of ideas for making your own):
Thanks for stopping by (& the tutorial will be up asap), much love you guys *hugs*


  1. That's really cool! Really great upcycling! Hmm I think I have an idea about what the watercolour palette is like... We shall see if I'm right, haha!! ~

  2. That was so ingenious! Thank you for sharing! You actually gave me inspiration to start my own journal just recently. If you would like it's at I look forward to your posts! Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Wonderful travel kit! I do love your rubber on a chain. Genius! :)

  4. The Genius is at work again. What a great way to take your talent on vacation with you. I probably have "things" around that I would not remember having to make a "take with me kit" while going on vacation. Now I will just have to start the search.
    Great ideas.
    Have a relaxing and creative vacation.
    Charlotte, North Carolina USA

  5. Do you simply fold the plastic over and seal the sides with decorative tapes to make your pouches? Do they tear easily in the metal rings? Could you explain a bit more about that? Thanks, Angela

  6. Wonderful travel kit Jenny. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Wish you a warm, relaxed en creatice vacation.
    Lovely greet

  7. Wow! This is really a brilliant idea--several brilliant ideas all together, actually. Thank you so much for sharing your traveling art journal kit. I was already looking around wildly as I watched, thinking about what I could use for something similar.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  8. Ooooooooo, okay, I'll admit it, I really like this post. Everything you used for your travel kit has my personality written all over it. ^.^

    You seem to be doing a better job than me in art making, always producing. I on the other hand have been having a few struggles, and my most recent art piece came out the way it wanted to, rather than how I hoped...but that's part of being an artists, as you've stated.

    Curious to know what I mean, here's where you can find my not so perfect picture. Happy Fourth of July

    Have a nice holiday Jenny. ^_^

  9. You are just AMAZING!!! I love to watch your tutorials, I am learning to develop my artistic side. You are my inspiration. I especially love this tutorial because I have been trying to come up with ideas on how to put together a Nature Journal for my 12 yr old daughter who homeschools. Being on a limited budget I can't afford to buy already put together journals, I'd have to by 4 or 5 to incorporate different elements for Nature Journaling. I am wanting to put togther a journal that I can recycle and repurpose items I have or I can buy at the ReStore that have watercolors, pencils, stamps, scraps, wax envelopes for saving and storing flowers and leaves,etc. You hit the nail on the head with this tutorial. I had already figured out some elements, but the plastic envelopes, and your idea for watercolors(though I haven't seen how, but that you made them fit) will round off what I have started.
    I can put together journals and books for smashing, junking, and creating, I just have trouble actually filling the pages. I guess my art is creating the pages for others to fill.
    Anyhoo, have a great holiday, loved this idea and really looking forward to how you incorporated your watercolor palette in this journal. I can't wait to finish the Nature Journals we will need for our homeschool class. I'm really excited.

  10. This is so wonderful...Where can I find the instructions on how to do this. You are my hero!!! Thank you for sharing you. You have inspired me to do the same...but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE where are the complete Travel kit instruction???

  11. A great idea. I have several daily planners that I know longer use. I can't wait to try this idea.

  12. Super great vid of your travel journal kit. I really like the clear plastic folders wow!!
    Your vids are so inspirational. I look forward to your next ones.
    Thanks, L.

  13. Wow this is really amazing! Such a good idea for a travel kit. I have such a thingie lying around somewhere. I will definitely make one like this. Thank you so much.


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