Sunday 8 July 2012

Homemade Watersoluable Palette Book Tutorial

Yep, I did say Palette BOOK...
I've put together a video tutorial to show you how you can carry around ALL of your watersoluable medias in one tiny, easy-peasy-to-put-together book:
They are what I briefly gave you a quick glimpse in my All-in-One Journal & Travel Kit post and they save soooooooooo much room it's incredible!!!! Here's the tutorial (but don't just go off once you've seen it - there's more goodies in this post =D )
Ten mins before I began writing this post I had just come back from a hospital visit, and I took with me this journal below to me to create a page while I was there:
It features in this little 3 min vid I put up to show you more various ways to use the watersoluable palette idea, the main one being a removable palette:
I hope you enjoy & I'm hoping I get to use them on an actual holiday as originally intended...mine has been postponed due to the torrential rain in England (...again) so I'm looking for last min deals abroad. I'd happily only have a short break somewhere that is pretty with nice weather, rather than spending a full week in rainy England, so it looks like that's what I'm going to do. Keep your fingers crossed I can find something!!


  1. Love both these videos. I'll definitely use these!

  2. You are so inspiring and ingenious! I watched previous video yesterday and remembered that I have similar old covers like you. Not totally similar, but almost.
    I was in the attic two times looking for them :)
    Finally I found and did some new pages to it and I am using it at work. There were year 2002 calendar still inside :)
    Thank you for this idea and all the others!

  3. You, my dear, are absolutely brilliant - as usual. Have fun where ever it is you're going with your travel kit.

  4. Thanks for the videos, I love them both.
    Lovely greet

  5. What a great idea. You are soooo clever!

  6. You have sooo many great ideas in these videos! I've been wanting to try an art journal for a long time, and have so many books on the topic, but it's inspiring to see someone actually doing it in real life! I love your idea of taking apart the tissue boxes-we are surrounded by beautiful, colorful graphics and designs in our everyday lives-thanks for the reminder that they can be used, and reused, in so many wonderful, creative ways! I have added your blog to my "favorites" bar, and can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!

  7. This is absolutely amazing! You are so clever! Thank you for the idea, I will make a palette for my holiday kit. :)

  8. GENIUS!!!! This is a great idea. I will have to invest in some of these pencils for this project, but that's quite okay, I am ready to expand my storage of supplies. Having always been a crafrer, I am new to this media of creating. Therefore I need to add to my on hand supplies. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  9. All I can say is you should change your online nick to Jenni the InCREDIBELLIE! ok ok..couldn't resist..but gosh girl, you are one heck of a genius to come with this.
    Bless you and your vids. May you 'tube' for a long time yet, you are my favourite bedtime story hour on the tab.

  10. I love this very much and here you can see what I made:
    In Germany, you don't find wax paper very often, so I decided to take plastic pockets, cut in pieces.

  11. the pages at the back and front of a bought journal (or any stitch-bound book) that are a little glued together are the first and last page of the actual book-block and the book-end-paper...
    the book-end-paper is glued onto the inside of the cover on one side and onto to first/last page on the other side - but only up to 5 mm or so...
    that is the only way of the book-end-paper actually being attached to the book-block - it is not stiched like the book's signatures...
    does that make sense?
    just happen to know that and thought i might mention it since it popped up in the second video...

    i love your work and style!!!
    lots of love

  12. Hi Jennibellie - I absolutely love all your videos and just wanted to say a quick thanks for all you do. I am currently doing an Art Journal Caravan year long course with Tangie baxter @ Scrapbook Graphics in America - I have just recommended your tutorials on You Tube for them to check out on our forum for the course - hope they do :)


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