Thursday 24 May 2012

New Handmade Journal & Some Journal Pages

I've been journaling & drawing a lot the last couple of days:
The one above is about the cards I made a few days ago (below). I said in a recent post that I was 'booked out' to friends and family to make gifts, well this huge A4 (ledger sized in US) was my fav one. I'm making it immortal in my journal & my blog as a homage to all those knock-up projects I make regularly and then forget about (I have a terrible memory so half of what I create, especially those things on the fly, sadly get forgotten about :( )
The pages were done in this new journal:
which I made from a cereal box, the first one since those I made months ago for my original cereal box journal tutorial. Ever since I made that tut I'm given cereal boxes as a gift on a regular basis (especially by my grandfather, who seems to have some more ready for me every time I go visit him lol). So I thought it was about time I used them & I made this using the same techniques as the original tut, which although it is not as decorative this time around, it is a very good size as it is made from a huge 500g cereal box, rather than a smaller cereal bar box.
This spread is the first page of the journal, which I also recorded and added to my One Minute Art Journal Page Videos- an ongoing series I work on to show the full process of creating a page in only one minute. You can see the other videos of this series either on my youtube channel, or here on my journaling videos page. Here is process of this particular page:
Wow it's already midnight over here! This summer weather (it's been the hottest day of the year here in Britain) has sent my natural night/day body clock scroodle-dalley so I'd best at least think about going off to bed now, much love my arty friends =) xx


  1. I really like this page and the picture is better than the video. TFS! Night night...

  2. Oh Jenny, you have been busy! Wonderful pages and journal. The card is awesome. You keep being a huge inspiration, thank you!

  3. Wonderful work. Really enjoy your blog.

  4. Your journal pages are lovely! I'm personally not very good about journaling consistently. I love journal books though so I have a lot of half-completed ones. I love love love that cereal box journal idea! (I've used cereal boxes as canvases, but I've never considered making it into a book..hmmmm)

  5. Wow, so glad I stopped by from Kathy's blog. Your journals are amazing...the ceral box journal idea sounds great.
    Great ideas here!

  6. I am so glad to see your blog I have been journalling and I just recently made a journal for a friend who lost her husband I left lost of space and prompts for her to write and painted ,The page sewing was a little tricky I found I love the cereal box idea Thank you for sharing

  7. Hi Jenni, I love your work! Have watched every single video on making books and journals and have been having a great time using your ideas as a jumping board. On your latest Smash Journal you had lovely white crinoline roses. Where did you get that trim? I just love it and would love to add it to one of my journals. Thanks again, great work.


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