Monday 25 July 2011

Totally Divided

Ever feel like there is more than one person inside you? Battling for your time and attention to be spent on them? I’m not talking about roles, ie friend, lover, carer, these are external and need another to exist. I’m talking of internal, people who you are, want to be and will be with effort.  I have been going through this this week, all of those I have been battling with have been creative, just creative in different forms.   Yesterday the ones that reined where the art journaler:

And bookbinder:

The journals are available in my shop and here is a video I made for my YouTube subscribers on the art journal process:

Today it is the designer and inventor that has triumphed:

Doodles of new things I want to make include jewellery, fabric things and different bookbinding techniques I have created for particular journals I want to make:

All these people battling for my attention are still in the same creative vein though, it is more the other creative people inside me I am worried do not get a look in.  Perhaps I shall have to create a timetable to divide my creative time equally – much like the revision timetables you would create for school examinations.  The only trouble is I would spend hours creating the perfect & even easy to accomplish timetables but never, not even once, did I stick to them.  I have a feeling this would be very similar, for that was academic and I couldn’t do it so is it even possible to programme a creative schedule?  ‘Creative’ and ‘Schedule’ seem naturally juxtaposing to me, but I believe it takes every part of you to be somewhat happy for overall fulfilment to be achieved, so I shall just have to give it a go.
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  1. Hi Jenni;
    I just stumbled upon your creative blog today and I am so glad I did. I have the same issue as you do inside of my head (am I an artist today? a poet? a writer? and art journaler?) they all are trying to come out at the same time too! Thanks for posting this and helping me to think! Hugs and blessings. I look forward to seeing more of your blogs.

  2. Sometimes I feel like I wear so many different hats, I could open up my own hat shop! I'm a jewelry maker, painter, writer, experimental cook, blogger, and so many other things.

    Honestly, sometimes I'm overwhelmed, but I'm learning to embrace my many sides and find ways for them to work together. I'm planning to buy a book called Refuse To Choose by Barbara Sher, all about managing many interests. I think it could be helpful.

    Anyway, I love your work, and I hope to read more of your posts! I love, love, love handmade books. :)


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