Friday 22 July 2011

Illustration Friday - Perennial

This weeks Illustration Friday is ‘Perennial’ and rather than picking an old tree or something else natural to draw in my art journal I felt like creating a mythical creature.

Okay so I know a phoenix is a cliché but I wanted to raid my pastel and random paints draw and thought the cheap oil pastels would work well for mixing quick merky flames for the 20 minutes I made her in. 

I knew the flames/wings would look as they do, as this is the only technique I can master with oil pastels – smudginess. I’m not great with oils, I can never tell when to make it thinner or put linseed oil in and my lack of talent of the medium spreads to oil pastels also, but I’m determined to get better.  So yesterday I splashed and brought some Sennelier Oil Pastels to see if it is my cheap £5 box of pastels is just making my grip of them even harder – but I have a feeling it is as much my perfectionist state wanting all the colours to merge and be uniform that is my downfall. 

I still do not know why I have this regimented side of my art brain when my favourite artists are among the Impressionists – their bold brushstrokes and colours I bask in, admiring their freedom – so why I cannot allow the same of my own hands I’ve no idea.  I’m hoping the Sennelier Oil Pastels and a self-imposed strangulation of my naughty sided art brain will help induce my freedom.


  1. Hello! It is nice to meet you. Thank you for dropping by. Aah! Perhaps you may just be having an off-day. I tried painting yesterday and today I have nothing but a blob. Maybe next time the flames will just burn marvelously!!! Your phoenix is still wonderful. It reminds me of the bird bursting into flames in Dumbledore's office. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Don't worry, many artists suffer from this! I know I do! :) I love the intensity of the flames...your passion is there; now don't monitor it!

  3. Absolutely love the colour contrast!
    Those oil pastels look fantabulous! I'm sure they'll bring you hours of joy :-)

  4. Who doesn't love a new box of colorful art supplies? Have fun making them sing! I love the colors in your illustration.

  5. LOVE the phoenix - rich & gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing the "puppy & mom" prints :o)

  6. This is very cool. I tried using my oil pastels this weekend and rememebered ~ I do not like the way they crumble and get all over the place! :) My son told me I was using them wrong! I think I just use them too hard!
    Very nice.
    Hugs and blessings.


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