Tuesday 12 July 2011

Brand Spanking New Blog

Hi all

This is my brand-spanking new blog, it is going to be a creative artsy kinda blog. I will post about my art, journaling, creating and basically the making of anything and everything that passes through my studio.

I’ve got to be honest I’ve avoided blogging like the plague as I’m not very savvy with the computer - so to me they always looked such a scary thing to even contemplate. They still do, I just grew a pair, and thankfully I know good people who’ve helped me loads with all the ‘techy’ stuff – so big kisses to them, as well as to you for dropping by - mwaaaaah!

This week has been hectic with ‘stuff’ (you know those things that are so important at the time it’s life or death they get done but when someone asks what you’ve been up to you respond ‘oh nothing’? ) so I thought it would be a nice introduction to this blog and who I am just to take an hour out and create something - so I created a video of me just playing around with paints and pens in one of my art journals:

Oh and I have completed all of the other pages on my lovely new blog so be sure to check out my studio, my shop and my video pages at the top.


  1. look at you!! you certainly don't need any advice from me - you're a born blogger!!! i watched as much of your little vid as my cr*p internet connection would allow... i visited your other pages - can i come and play at yours??? have a look at my art space in today's post - it's buried.... :(
    10 gold stars for your first post!!!!! xxx

  2. Wow Jenny....Your new Blog is AWESOME!!!

    No need to worry at all!You are doing wonderfully already!!!

    I loved your video...I think I need some art tutorials from you!! Not kidding!!

    I am now your third follower! Yiippee!!

    Come on over to my humble blog and visit for awhile...if you bring the Scones and clotted cream...which I adore and miss soooo much I will supply the coffee/tea..oh yes and chocolate! Type in sjmcdowell.blogspot.com
    It's called "Art of Mine".

    Big Hugs and Congratulations!!



    I Can't wait to get my Jane Austen journal ;)

  3. This was beautiful Jenni! I love the outcome of these pages in the video!
    Hugs and blessings.


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