Friday 15 July 2011

Creating Creative Time

So this past week has been yet another struggle for creativity to get through.  I won’t bore you with the details but I’m sure everyone creative has felt that pull of restlessness when you don’t have the time to do it.  But then I realised it is not about ‘finding’ time, because if you are busy you never will, it is about ‘creating’ time.  So I managed to make a couple of journals out of these treasure items I found last week:

I found all these antique and vintage postcards and metal findings at various car boots, and here is what I made them into:

This is obviously a journal with a slightly scrubbed up brass plate/stamp, which I turned into the closure system and below are field sketchbooks created with two kinds of Fabriano paper, so artists can pick their media.

All journals/sketchbooks are available in my shop

It is still not as productive as a usual week, but it is a start. One particular project, the daily challenge I set myself for the month of July, (this started last month when I challenged myself to hand make a journal everyday throughout the entire month of June – please check out the video here - it is titled 'Journal a Day June') that has not really even got off the ground.  July’s challenge is nothing to do with making journals but again is to do with journaling and I have so far managed to do 5 out of 70! 5????? Out of 70??? Yes, pathetic isn’t it?  And it’s already mid July! Yes, I feel screwed.  My initial plan was to do 140! I have come to terms that that is not going to happen, but I haven’t given up on the 70 yet.  This will happen – it is just all about the ‘creating’ of my creative time.  I will let you know how I get on.

Finally one time I do not regret not being able to create was yesterday afternoon.  My best friend happened to be in town so we set out on one of our glamorous afternoons, which this time consisted of a Frankie and Benny’s long lunch, a walk around a huge DIY store then wrapped up with us buying (and not looking particularly attractive while carrying) a ton of cat litter.  However, while at the DIY store I managed to find a seat for my outside studio – I have been searching ages for a chair for the small space that was comfortable enough to spend hours in and was so happy when I stumbled across this outdoor beanbag chair:

Here is Natasha modelling it in it’s new home. There was a time when our glamorous trips were all about trying on slinky dresses, going out to bars, shopping for lingerie, make up & shoes and being the ladies that lunch in cafes for the entire day. Now it consists of messy wrap dinners in diners, cat litter shopping and stuffing oversized beanbags into tiny cars haha still the time transitions but the fun doesn’t, and that’s all that matters (well that and the fact I am, right now, sat on the beanbag and it IS damn comfy :) ).


  1. What an expertly modelled bean bag ;) Very readable blog Belle - infact this will probably improve my knowledge of what you get up to 10 fold!! :) I created some creative time last night - even got HRH to cut the sticky tape! Mind you it was only for 10 minutes so not much to brag about. Look forward to the next instalment :) xx

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Geez I think you did quite a bit...did I count three journals that you made in one day?
    I really love the findings at the car boot sale you found. I would love to find something like that here!!!
    I actually have been to a few car boot sales when I lived in England and found it really fun!! i found some great botanical prints framed as well for a pound each! I still have them!
    Will you have a tutorial on how to make the loo roll journals sometime?? I would love to make one or two....

    I love your pink bean bag seat...too cute!!

    Hugs from across the pond...


  3. I've come across you via your gorgeous etsy shop. I am a journal & notebook addict and so I'm in awe of your journal making skills. It seems to me that you got lots done. So if that was a slow time for you then you must normally be super productive :-). Also - Cool bean bag chair!

    If you ever need a bit of inspiration or creative motivation then I'm a member of a creative challenge Inspiration Avenue, I also send out my own weekly creative prompts and I find a site called Creative Everyday immensely helpful. All the links & info can be found on my blog ( Hope you find something useful.

    Great new blog. Hope you enjoy blogging as much as I've done this past few years.

    Kat :-)

  4. Your post has such a friendly engaging voice. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi, Jenni! Enjoyed checking out your blog. Hope to keep an eye on you as time allows. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs - Angelia

  6. Hi Jenny!
    So lovely to discover your blog and all it's fresh and new shiny-ness :)I discovered your lovely etsy shop through a shared treasury which has lead me here...oooh you are a girl after my own heart (and journal fetish!!) Absolutely LOVE the journal with the brass plate closure..genius plus beauty all rolled into one!
    I shall look forward to seeing what goodies will come next :)x

  7. Hey there Jenny, thanks for stopping by on blog frog, really great to visit your blog, you made me laugh with your challenge, its so me, I've set my self some interesting challenges in order to make myself be more creative, and then feel really bad when I realise I was being over enthusiastic. Love your journals they look amazing, I know if you put your mind to it and when the time is right you'll start flowing, most importantly enjoy it. Stay blessed, Amanda

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog

  8. Hi, Jenny--I'm an antique postcard addict so I love the journal you've made. Great blog, too!

    Do you mind if I ask: How did you make the cool linky-things on the right-hand side, the ones that say "flickr" "etsy" etc.? I want to do something similar for my blog but I don't even know the proper name so I can't Google for a tutorial. Can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks!

  9. Hi Jenny
    I absolutely love your book with the brass stamp. Have you seen the 'Make a book a day' for a year blog - - a scarily daunting challenge!
    Good luck with reaching the magic 70!


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