Friday 25 September 2015

Ways to Let Go in Your Art

Hi guys, happy Friday.

Today I posted a new bonus lesson in my RAW Intuitive Journaling Class. It is in an existing bonus section of the class called ‘Childhood Secrets to Your Intuition’ & this time is all about connecting with your Inner Child through the Raw Intuitive Journaling Process:

Click the image to be taken directly to the new bonus

I've added quite a few bonuses to the class now, I think this is the fifth...anyhow on a previous one I posted a student asked this question:

 'I am having a serious internal battle. When I am creating I am very analytical. Jennibellie do you have any tips for "letting go"? I've tried and it's really, really difficult!!!'

And I thought that the answer would be of benefit to everyone so I'm sharing it here. Of course the whole of the RAW Intuitive Journaling Class is really about this topic, but here is my response with a few tips I didn't share in the class - be warned it is long but hopefully worth it if you feel the need to let go more in your art, so here is my response:

I do actually have a few useful tips for letting go....but first things first, I want you to ease up on yourself! You cannot create something good from battling with yourself, and then beating up on yourself for battling with yourself (there, there is your first 'task' for letting go, release the beating up on yourself I hear all through your message; practising here will probably help you do it more on the page).

Second, I want you to acknowledge nothing is going wrong, and if you can, release that it's 'difficult'. I have realised over the last few months that I often come to the page with the same issues. They are cropping up over and over again, I was getting SO frustrated...but it wasn't till I released the idea that it's 'difficult' any shift happened. It isn't that I suddenly am no longer facing those issues, I am, it's just that I'm more ok with it. I understand now and it's part of the process. If we shifted through things at the rapid speed we often wish we could we'd miss what we are actually learning from them. So relax, nothing is wrong, it may be something that takes a while for you to work through, it's OKAY, have patience and appease yourself as much as you can with that (because that is how things speed up anyhow - Einstein said "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.", so let go of the 'difficult', you cannot see the solution when you're transfixed on the problem).

Three, I think is important to do for anything you want to 'be in the moment' with in a positive way, whether it be something angst ridden like an interview or simple like making an art journal page. It's really simple (but it works, don’t underestimate this!), and that is to get into the mental energy of being free/letting go BEFORE you even thinking of creating, or even step into your studio. Which means getting into the place of trusting, which means doing things that feel good and remove the mental chatter....because that's all your problem is honey, mental chatter, and don’t we all know it well lol. You are not deficient in any way, letting go is not reserved for others and you aren't lacking in talent to deal with it either. I think it truly comes down to focusing and practising, and the patience I just spoke of. Whatever it means to you to be in a happy, trusting place before you create, do – put on some music or meditate or walk or get the crystals & flower remedies you like or read…whatever gives you the good or holiday or carefree or non-work-day feeling juju to then take to your page. Abraham Hicks talks a lot about this if you want more, in Abraham terminology they’ll say ‘get into the Vortex and THEN…’ meaning get into your happy carefree place and then act from there, don’t attempt to create something you have ‘issues’/’resistance’ against and then try and get into your happy carefree place as you’re doing it as it’s so likely that you won’t. If you go to the page worried that you won’t be able to let go, because you couldn’t let go last time etc etc etc, you will be disallowing yourself to let go before you’ve even started. So basically in essence get into the energy of that which you want to create from, and then create, don’t leave it to chance that it may or may not happen on the page.

Four, give your mental chatter names (yep, you read right!). Identify them, so that when the mind starts overtaking the intuition you can acknowledge what’s happening and say ‘oh perfectionist percy is taking over, pipe down percy we’re trying this for now, we can always adjust it later…’ See? Might be crazy, but crazy might work. 

No.1 though whether you take any of my advice or not is to stop beating up on yourself, and especially in the moment when it isn’t going your way immediately. We’re all guilty of it. I have to remind myself of it too, then can beat up on myself for beating up on myself, it’s human nature…we’ve just got to do the best we can. You’re doing alright, better than alright, chillax and give yourself a hug more often! xoxo

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Much love & have a great weekend

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