Friday 4 September 2015

TWO New Videos... and TWO (free right now) Must See Movies for Artists

Hi guys
I bring you two new videos today, one I just finished editing and the other I just finished recording (haha nothing like being prepared hey?).

The first video is relating to a question that got asked recently on my current giveaway post on Journal Workshops

Here's the off the cuff, coffee chat type video. 
Grab a cuppa and relax:

The second video I *just* did, again off the cuff (yep, I'm developing a theme in how I work nowadays I think lol) to tackle the issue of resistance, particularly that has come up around the new Monthly Challenge with several Journal Workshops members:

If you haven't seen the new challenge, don't worry still click the video link above (or the image) and it will take you to the page where the original Monthly Challenge, and this new video, are both held.

Okay onto the movies, which isn't something I would normally write about in a blogpost but these just had my artistic senses tingling so as both free right now online (but only for a few days so ensure you carve out some me time asap if either calls to you) I thought I would share them here.

The first is 'That Day We Sang' available on BBC iplayer for 15 more days. Unfortunately I have no clue how bbc iplayer works around the world, I'm just hoping it will work for everyone but I know some video sharing sites don't always work that way, so I'm sorry if this is the case for your country & I've just dangled a carrot lol. If it is working though then you are in for a TREAT! It is a musical (a distinctly British musical) set in Manchester in 1929 and 1969 - the sets are FABULOUS, the writing GLORIOUS (written by Victoria Wood, who has been writing amazing comedy since before I was born in case you don't already know her) and acting SUPERB (Imelda Staunton, who is one of my favourite actresses and Michael Ball, who surprised me very much - in a good way, head the cast). It is a feast for the eyes, emotions and as I said before your artistic senses. It's a film you cannot help but appreciate as total work of art, enjoy:

The second is being shared by Hay House for free just for a couple more days in honour of Dr Wayne Dyer, who died last weekend. It's 'The Shift', starring Dr Wayne Dyer, based on his teachings and it feeds your artistic senses in a very different way to the one above - it does have beautiful sets too, and good acting, but it is more about understanding the reason why we do art on a deeper level in the first place: our connection with Source. If like me you have listened to/read Dr Dyer for years then there probably isn't anything you haven't already heard before in this, but it's still nice to receive it in an artistic format rather than a lecture or a book. I don't often talk about how making art has become more of a spiritual practice to me in recent years, but it has & it feeds my work so much more than what just trying to 'do it alone' ever could. If you feel you might need to nourish your spiritual creative practice then this is a good place to set some time aside for and start:

That's all for this ramble, 
Have a happy (& artistically nourished) weekend =)

PS I'm giving away some of my painted pebbles and my Bumper Bundle of Goodies (limited number currently available via Etsy) below in the giveaway on Journal Workshops, winners picked 7th Sept 2015 so get your name in now:


  1. OMGoodness me, 'That Day We Sang' is AWEsome to the Nth degree!! Firstly, I didn't know Imelda Staunton could sing, and secondly, Ii didn't know she could sing AND dance so well! It could not be more of a contrast to her role as Dolores Umbridge, Lol. Thanks Jennie for the link. I would definitely have missed a superb couple of hours. Victoria Wood ROCKS!! :D :D

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the link to that movie! Just watched it and wow ... .that's it just wow!


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