Friday 24 April 2015

Cosmic Download Chronicles Part 2 (aka I'm flyinnng!)

Hello my gorgeous creative constellation (...I dunno, I'm flying high so I can only see you if you're amongst the stars!)

 I decided to do another vlog today, regarding an update on the 'Cosmic Download' blogpost I did a couple of weeks back. 

Lots of you were super intrigued about it so here's how I've flown on the current of my Cosmic Download (....and also what this doll's all about!):

Here's the RAAAW Intuitive Journaling Class preview
(and a special offer for you underneath

For full information of what this class is about (and to take advantage of this awesome 1/3rd off if it's a resounding YES to you) click the image above or this link here:

(here's a clue, it's a yes if you're heartgut or soul is saying so. If you don't listen then that's just strike one for not listening to your intuition in a long line that you and your art will now be missing out on by not being part of this class!)
'Honour Your True Feelings!'
(whatever they may be!)

have a great weekend
much love & arty hugs


  1. Loved this week's video ramble. Can't wait for the class. Thanks so much for all that you put in to these projects and what you give of yourself to us. Hugs my arty sister, and much love back to you. <3

  2. it's awesome that you have let yourself be open to this!!!! it really is something when you do follow your intuition but not easy to just let go and let it take over!


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