Friday, 17 April 2015

My 15 Minute Art Journal ~ Video Share & Ideas

Hi guys
Quick little video share today.

I keep being asked to share my current journals, so here is a quick look at one that I've been using off and on since last July I think.

In the meantime what I'm currently working on my Creative Cosmic Download from last week (vlog here if you didn't see what that crazy was all about - !) so I'll see y'all later, 

Have a great weekend

PS the ART SWAP Group opened on Journal Workshops this week - it's a great way to make new artists friends and to make & recieve some original artwork too. You can join the group just to take a peek right now if you'd like, no obligating to swap though they'll be plenty of chances coming up to change your mind! Click the image to take a look:


  1. Lovely journal and lovely ideas for how to use a 15 min. journal. You have such a beautiful spirit, and it comes through in everything you do,

  2. You are always inspiring. Beautiful journals! Thank you.

  3. Hi Jenny, I really enjoyed this video ramble. I have started a journal similar to this... I'm calling it my "Fast and Loose" journal, where I can just go in and put down a little something when I just want to play but not be to serious. But, I love this idea of having a warm up journal to practice a little everyday. Thanks for the idea. :)

  4. Love Sweep... I'm a dog lover and both my babies are rescues as well. Please give Sweep a pet and hug from me. :)


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