Friday 1 May 2015

It's What-Day?

I just realised it is Friday....yep, I know, been living it all day and only just noticed? well no, not really, I just mean I realised it's Friday in relation to this, that it is Weekly Ramble day and I haven't gotten anything prepared... forgive me, it's been a rough day. I'll spare you all the details but essentially been battling a migraine for a couple of days, so this is what the evening hours have looked like to me:

my cosy spot of quilts and cushions, my vintage nearing antique copy of Pride and Prejudice (brought from Jane Austens house none-the-less - there's a bookshop in it, not sure that's exactly original haha), chocolate etc

Reading Austen's sentences (that are really whole paragraphs) isn't especially easy going with a waning migraine, but nothing else will work when I felt like I did, it's gotta be p&p (at least it's not Sense and Sensibility, geez those sentences would send me into a complete meltdown - ok, I'm probably only talking to die-hard Austen fans at this point lol moving on). Anyhow I must be feeling increasingly better or I wouldn't be on here horrah! And somehow I have miraculously managed to still post the Monthly Challenge, click the image below to be taken to the new Challenge(s) and video:

The only other news I have is that RAW Class starts in a few days. Woohoo!!
And the Early Bird Bargain Price is still around but only until TOMORROW!
So please ensure you purchase it before then if you want it at a lovely 1/3rd off, you can sign up by clicking the ‘Join Raw Intuitive Journaling’ Button on the top right of the group page here, or click the image below

Sorry I haven't a more substantial a-Ramble, I shall try especially hard to remember that it's Friday next week lol
Much love
Have a great weekend


  1. What are those cards on the left? They look very pretty!

    1. they're success cards by Deepak Chopra, today I picked ' The universe is an unbroken, continuous fabric within which I can create and intend my destiny' very pretty

  2. I hope your migraine is better! My really bad ones always last about 3-4 days, and then you have the migraine hang over. Ugh.

    Have you read Persuasion? Oh, I love that novel! And North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell.


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