Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Yello...and Some Journal Pages


I thought I'd post a quick update

(but with some recent journal candy...of course)

as it's been nearly a month since I did a blogpost OMG!

A lot has happened in that time personally and everytime I intended to post, well something else came up...

but normal blog service will be resuming from Friday, touch wood (with my Weekly Ramble blog series) 

and Tuesdays I will be back with my Artist Interview series, so if you would like to be featured here are the details:

But an awesome thing that did happen in the interim of my last blogpost though was this -
1 Million Pageviews, thanks everybody *big cheesy grin*

Hope you're having an awesome January
Much love


  1. Awesome. I want to spend much time with you this year.

  2. Great! Love your videos and ideas.

  3. I'm back blog visiting! Love yours! See you around! lol

  4. Hey lady! Life does seeme to happen, doesn't it? Watched your nail care video. Thanks for sharing that incentive. I had beautiful nails in high school. Not sure where they went LOL Determined to have them again. Creative Blessings! Kel

  5. Hello...have you made a video on how to make the open, yellowish book you show? The pages are all randomly cut it seems.........I love it!! If you have not made a video, would you?? And if you have, and I missed it, would you please tell how to find it??

  6. Great love your are back :-)
    Enjoy life..........

  7. Here's a completely random question: In this post (& I think I've seen in others) you use the phrase, "touch wood." Is this the Brit equivalent to when we say "Knock on wood," in the U.S? We usually say it meaning "knock on wood so you don't jinx something by talking about it," or as an "if all goes well," kind of sentiment.


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