Tuesday 8 October 2013

Tell All Tuesday ~ Featured Artist: Kirsten Vogt

Hi guys, me again, although there's not been much 'before' so far this week for there to be much 'again', as I have had a distinct lack of inspiration so far this month. In fact generally just 'blaaah'iness all round so far this month (I tend to notice my art follows my life patterns) but I'm here thankfully with another share from another artist, this week from Germany, woot!! I want more Europeans on TAT yeah! Actually calling all countries because, as Kirsten points out in this interview, we get to see what everyone all over the world is doing through the tinterwebs which can be artistically scary and overwhelming, but it's so great that it can also be used for good things like this that can reassure us, that let us know that other people are sharing our boat (which is why I'm always honest about inspiration ebbs when inspiration ebbs happen, because that's life and part and parcel of the joys of being artistic!) We're real here! Enjoy Kirsten's interview ;)

Tell us a little bit about yourself & what kind of artist you are.
I cannot remember a time, where I was not creative, but my phases of creativity were different each time. As a kid I had crafty times with my mother, we would make tons of things out of cardstock, craft foam, window color. As a Teen it was music and photography. A few years ago I find a video on YouTube about art journaling, so everything begins. Now I don’t know where to store all my stuff. I create cards, I love art journaling, I design and bind books, I sew, I scrap… sooooo many things, so I will say: I’m an all-round-artist. I think, it’s depending on my mood, but I think journal binding and scrapbooking are my favorite at the moment.

What is the biggest challenge you personally face as an artist and how do you overcome it?
My biggest challenge is still the lack of acceptance for my work. Most people around me (except the family) only say “oh hey nice”, but there is nobody who “needs” my stuff to buy something. It’s frustrating, but I think it’s a learning process for me, that I should not pay so much attention to what others say. I do this for me, although I have more books in stock than I can ever fill.

What do you love most / least enjoyable about your art?
In my art it’s easy to let emotions flow. Even if I’m depressed or glowing from happiness, I literally close my eyes and let my emotions flow. In these moments I don’t think about my job and problems, it’s the same feeling you have as a kid sitting in your homemade tent with your teddy bears.

Do you think you have achieved a uniquely recognizable style as an artist, or do you find it a struggle to find your own style?
I think it’s not easy to find your own style, and for me I think I’m not unique at all. In the most things you do there is somewhere in the world doing the same. 20 years ago, that doesn’t matter, but today with internet/YouTube you SEE what others do. Okay, there is always a unique touch to my art, because I choose the paper and the colors, but the original idea will never be unique. But every day I craft I will try to find something unique to make.

Tell us where can we find out more about you & your art?
You can find me at my blog http://huiwaldproductions.blogspot.de/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HuiwaldProductions

...as I kinda did my larger written piece in this TAT in my intro I'll keep my outro quite short: Thank you so much for sharing Kirsten, your story (regarding your interests) sounded very much like my own when I first started creating again which is why I say with love - I think you will just have to accept you will always have more books that you can ever fill! And especially if you continue with the bug of making more, mmmmmeh I had to make my peace with that a looooooooong time ago lol and never let it stop you adding to it either if the mood takes! My opinion is creative instincts are there to be followed, because you miss them when they're gone...

but yeah they do always come back! =)
(couldn't leave it on a sour note!)

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  1. Thank you Jenny for another enjoyable artist introduction to Kirsten! Its always a pleasure to meet a new artist, see a bit of their work and have a blog or facebook to become further acquainted. :-) Sympathies for your inspiration ebbs and a wish for you to enjoy the downtime catching up on time with loved ones and furries about you. :-) ((((hugs)))) for you and Sweepie!

  2. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be part in this :) Now, I will become famous and a millionair *muahahah* no, only joking :) Its nice to see, that there are people who are living the same dreams.

  3. Hi my Love Jenni, thanks for sharing another incredible artist with us. Kirsten your art is incredible. Jenni, don't worry, your art mojo will return.... Sometimes inspiration is just around the next corner. Love Ya' Patricia

  4. Nice to meet you Kirsten.Make no mistake, you bring something unique to EVERY project. I'd like to follow you on your blog but didn't see a "join" button. Please let me know how I can follow you. Thanks!

    1. Oh right, there is no way :) Until now, it wasn't necessary at all :) I add buttons to follow on the left, hope it will work.

  5. Thanks so much for the intro to Kirsten. I just loved the interview. Today I was trying to get the creative juices flowing for myself as well and just read a lot of inspiration saying online my favorite today was" Courage is being afraid but going on any how" I have not created an art journal page yet but with this saying so many idea come to my mind. I can't wait to start on this page! Hugs to you Jenny you inspire me.


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