Sunday 13 October 2013

New Texture Techniques Video

Hello lovelies, I have a new texture techniques video for you which shows a few quick & easy tutorials for getting instant lovely texture. 

Here's a project I started to make with it yesterday:

I covered the top of the box with the texture

The project was not intending to be finished here, this texture was only supposed to be a background but being a tactile person I can't bring myself to cover it up - in reality it looks and feels very much like fabric...

 but all you really need to do it is paint & paper! Here's the video:

 enjoy gettin' messy =)
Much love


  1. Love it! All that texture looks so yummy! Thank you for sharing

  2. Jenny, those techniques are amazing! I've seen something similar but always using crumpled tissue paper ... and yet you accomplished it simply by crumpling up the base paper itself. I'm sitting here shaking my head with an accompanying thought "Why on earth haven't I thought of that?!?" !! Brilliant you! What's even sillier is that now that I'm reflecting on it, this is very like how you did that one journal cover with a crumpled brown bag too -- its the same principle! Thank you for the video ... I'm sure to come back to it again! Hope this finds you and Sweepie enjoying the end of your Sunday and weekend. ((((hugs)))) and love for you both!!

  3. Well I know what I am doing tomorrow. I am making many fun wonderful textured papers love this. thank you so much.

  4. I learned the tissue crumpled technique in a Mixed Media class. Been hooked ever since. This seems even simpler. It is fun to keep layering paint over the surface. Then add swirls of gold, bronze or silver.....for a wow affect! Thanks again for sharing and experimenting! Keeping us bold and brave in our art adventures.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this fun technique. I love your ideas and "hands on" approach. Great!

  6. Hey Jenni! Thank you for this technique & the scads of others! I'm a beginner but my art journal is looking better since I've learned from you. On an older video you talked about sealing pages with gesso. I do that but rather like using Golden Gel Medium as well. It leaves a smooth finish & those pesky collage edges stay down quite well. Thanks for being such a great teacher!


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