Thursday 24 October 2013

My Winter Set-Up for My Outdoor Studio

Hi guys, I've been getting quite a few questions about my outdoor space in relation to the coming winter months/general bad weather so thought I'd post this lil vlog as a to those q's.

For this new space I don't have to do that much, as it is pretty much built like a tank and the weather does not matter to it much except for the stiffness in closing the door (as the new wood expands and contracts through weather changes).

If you have an outdoor space more like my old version though - ie a lil makeshift space, then here's a few things extra I did not show in this vid that seemed to help it survive...up until the weather got real bad and got it that is:
1) Bubble-wrapped the interior of the windows - the window panes were flimsier than the screen of an iphone so I think it helped them against the wind, as well as insulating and keeping out the damp.
2) Tubs of salt - attracts any interior dampness.
3) Cover the whole thing with a waterproof sheet (I used an old camping ground sheet) to protect during the times of really heavy downpour.
And obviously you need to sort out any cracks or gaps as if you have those they'll be the main culprits for issues.

Obviously nothing can be done about the weather - if it is going to be bad then that's that and it's the risk you take when you get an outdoor studio so I can't give any guarantees, just do what you can in terms of protection and preventative and remove anything to precious to part with!

Psst sorry for the shakiness, here's the vlog:

Much love


  1. Now all you need, is a hot cup of cocoa or hot tea, to keep your inside warm. Your room is nice and cozy!!
    Betty from texas

  2. I love that view of your neighbors apple tree too. thanks for sharing. mmmm hot cocoa sounds very good.

  3. loved the vlog Jenny. thanks!!!


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