Wednesday 6 June 2012

Telling My Story

Hi guys, what a week!! Apart from my giddiness at our wonderful Queens Jubilee celebrations I have been truly overwhelmed by the amazing response to the upcoming Tell All Tuesday's I'll be hosting. I already have more than two months worth of interviews returned to me, with many more artists putting their interviews together, so thank you to everyone who has shown an interest, it looks like we're all go!! One thing that got me thinking though is that I received a few emails with an air of 'I want to do this...but I'm not sure if I should/am well known enough/can call myself an artist', which really got me sad because we ALL feel these things, and that is exactly why I am doing these interviews. So, for the first time, I decided to share my story. It is only VERY recently I have had the self belief to call myself an artist, so I know all about these 'gremlins' as I call them and thought that, seeing as I'm asking others to answers questions regarding their stories as artists, I should share my own. So here it is: (note the union jack tee, yep! nothing was not adorned with it this weekend lol)
Again I've been very shocked by the response to this, I uploaded this vid as I went to bed last night & woke up this morning to tons of comments relaying similar stories to my own...because I think in truth no matter who we are or what kind of artist we all have similar struggles with gremlins of various varieties. Therefore I think we can learn a lot from each other so cannot be more excited about these interviews starting on the 12th =)That's all for now folks, happy hump days xx


  1. wow this is so true, i remember when i got to high school, i thought its time to grow up and get a idea of what i want to do in life , and of course when u grow up u dont colour in , i loved colouring in and im so glad im back to doing it lol so these days when my muse is busy i just start drawing and colouring lol i loved it when i found u on Utube as i was always put off by copic binding , oh no i cant do that , well now i am saving cereal boxes cause im going to make a journal , so thank u Jenni
    hugz bev

  2. I'm so thrilled to hear you're a fan of the Queen! (Getting a bit tired of people dissing the royals.)

    I have a question: Can you post or video a bit about your wire binder, please?

    Thanks for the awesome art and inspiration!

  3. I am really looking forward to the Tell All Tuesday! It is going to be wonderful.

  4. wow Jenni... you and i were REALLY on the same wavelength yesterday!! i just watched your video. I guess the Venus sun had an affect on more people than i thought. :-) Your words are wonderfully inspiring. So true what you say. We stifle ourselves, don't we? Thanks for the boost. Hope you enjoyed the celebrations. We watched some of it on TV. The next best thing to being there. :-) xoxo - hope your migraine is gone...:-(

  5. Hello Jennibellie, hope you have time for a quick question - wondered if you ever use a Binding machine for your sketchbooks and if so which one. many thanks.

  6. Hi Jenny
    You are soooooo cute, love your style!! :]
    There is such beauty in truth, strength in believing, and love in sharing... "THANK YOU!"

  7. i just found you through some round-about search on smash books and art journaling. your video on believing in yourself was just what i needed to hear. i was a scrapbooker a long time ago (high school), found it again when it was all the fancy scrapbooking, then stopped a few years ago so i could work on a fantasy novel. now, as a way to get over my writers' block, i'm going back to paper arts. i'm looking forward to exploring your blog and watching more of your videos.

    - Michelle in Montana


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