Friday 15 June 2012

Fighting the Hour Glass

Hey guys, eeh! I've had an incredibly difficult week trying to juggle my online, and actual life lol. Questions, comments and emails have stacked up like no man's business, did someone change all the clocks (everywhere!) and not tell me?? How's it Thursday* already!?

I've not created very much either and I'm left feeling very unsatisfied, I need to create something like NOW. This is one page I did make a few days ago:
And I did do this video on it, so I guess that's where sometime has gone:
I find it so very annoying not having the time I want to create AND go online. It's always a bit of a juggling act but this week I've had hardly any time to do either. It's exactly what Courtney was saying in the last post isn't it?? But unfortunately I don't have the other half and children to blame it on, I've just dropped the soft, squidgy, polystrene-filled rubber balls myself. I'm hoping this weekend will bring some arty-down time and a VERY tall latte to get me through my emails lol, much love guys xx 

*Later Correction: I've just been informed it's Friday, not Thursday, so I conclude...alien abduction is the only explanation to why my head is so far behind!


  1. I think you are doing very well. Your very first artist Tuesday, I loved it and I do think it may be this week the time did tick faster. Lol. I have started a new blog because of your blog. You have definitely inspired me and I linked you in my blog. Hope you have a creative day.

  2. Very interesting. Your work is inspiring.

  3. It's okay...I once had a week where I got to Friday and panicked because for a minute I thought it was Tuesday...and scared to death I'd have to live that week over again (seriously, that's where my mind went LOL). I loved your first interviewee and am inspired by her journey.
    Nan/Madame Bizarro

  4. It's Friday!? LOL!
    Can totally relate and I have no hubby or kids or job to blame it on. ;)

  5. It is a constant battle for me too! I hope you get some creative time this weekend. I loved your video. I love how personal your pages are & that little Queen was a great addition. :)

  6. Oh yes, my muse can be fickle too. Sometimes all it takes is opening my journal or getting a scratch sheet of paper and doodling for the juices to start flowing and my muse is over my shoulder again. I also wanted to say I linked your YouTube videos on my blogpage to share is that ok? hope more people find inspiration. Your vids are awesome. Keep creating can't wait to see what you will have on the next artist Tuesday

  7. I agree! Did someone change the clocks. I am retired and feel like I just have too much to do and not enough time to craft. Hubby was going fishing on Saturdays and now it is to hot and the grass to long so I just lost my long day on Saturday:(. He is still working but during the week I go to stuff. LOL This computer takes up way to much time but I love all my friends on the web. I was feeling so frustrated yesterday that I didn't got to Yoga and just stayed home and crafted all day. I felt so much better. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Alien abduction is the only explanation! LOL

  9. I think you might have the same problem I have... a Time Vacuum is living in your closet.

    Time Vacuums don't run on electricity -- they run on hours, which they steal from people! They enjoy living with creative people the most because they love watching our frustration -- it's like a soap opera for them.

    I'm not sure how to get rid of them. I've heard that they're petrified of Daily Planners, but then, so am I. ;)

  10. i have a business and a day job and I try to do a lot of artsy projects. I am appreciative that I have jobs to cobble together an income, but feel out of sorts on days that I don't create. So I've come up with a plan to create everyday. Even if it is just drawing a doodle, or a face OR cutting out some flowers or circles, it at least makes me not get to the end of the day and not have indulged my creative side! Jenny- we all appreciate you being here in your online life. You are inspiring and I personally love your DIY attitude and savvy!


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