Wednesday 16 August 2017

The Wisdom Journal (& Livestream)

Hey Love

I'm SO excited.

I have a BRAND NEW Journal Making Class Now OPEN!! Whoop Whoop!

The Wisdom Journal is about making your own survival guidebook of your own personal wisdoms. 

For more info visit: 
The Wisdom Journal {clickable}

In the Wisdom Journal Class we will:

*Make a Unique Journal - including creating pockets, decorating background papers before binding, crafting a decorative spine, adding a closure etc.

*Detect Our Wisdoms – what is to go in the journal? Well, we shall see…

*Art Journal – once we have done the work around finding/making our wisdoms we shall art them out in our fancy new handmade journal.

*Apply Our Wisdoms – we will look at how we can consciously apply our wisdoms in our life. This class is not about locking knowledge away in a book never to be seen again, it is about bringing awareness to light to use …and as a result create our own fabulously customised survival book to have forevermore and use as a tool.

Registration is open now for a CRAZY Low Early Bird Price

(or if it’s already a ‘YES’ workshop for you click ‘Join’ in the classroom here to secure your spot now:

Class Starts 1st Sept & you get LIFETIME access to the class content (so grab it now while it's a bargain!)

PS Last night I also did a facebook livestream on 'How to do Art the 'Right' Way' (yes...there is a right way, apparently) & I also showed a little more about the Wisdom Journal Class if you want to see it in 'person' as it were. Check it out here:

PPS This new class like all my classes are hosted on my art community Journal Workshops, you can sign up now for free and browse all the classes I have on offer if you wish, or even take a free one!
come join the family...we don't bite =)

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