Sunday 20 November 2016

Sticky Things Haul Video & Journal Page


It has been SO long since I've posted around here I thought I'd share what I did with you today, so here's a haul vlog. I usually don't do haul videos (although I get asked...a lot) because you know me, I don't like feeding into the 'you have to have this latest thing to be creative'. At the same time I love new goodies as much as anyone, and this is just a lil haul I got from Etsy seller 'Alicemolds' so I'm always happy to support another Etsy Shop owner - they have a lovely selection of 'sticky things' and I really like what I got:

 And here's what I made with this afternoon with this haul:

While making the page I decided I wanted some circles, similar to bubble wrap but not, so I dug around to find a teeny tiny scrap dreg of rubber to create a makeshift circle stamp.

( I had a lotta fun rearranging my washi storage holder - too much fun really, that much fun should never be allocated to washi tape lol)

So that's a lil of my day, first day I have managed to spend a full several hours in my studio just 'milling' in aggggggggggggges! Feels so good, I shall write a more in depth blogpost this coming week about what I have been up to lately - I have neglected JB Studio this last couple of months so will be a much regular blogger for the rest of this year. Right now though I'm off to do a bit more milling, see's ya later


  1. great how when you needed a stamp you made it for your page and love the texture it gave.

  2. Hooray, Jennibellie! I think we need some time in the studio that's just for fun, without a specific goal or deadlines or "To Do List". Your creative mind can relax and recharge itself. Can't wait to watch your video -- but I'm just glad that you got to have FUN!
    Lynn in Missouri

  3. It is so good to hear from you! I was definitely getting worried. Have lots of fun with your haul and enjoy your creative time...I hope we get to keep hearing from you now. I've missed you! Beth


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