Monday 28 November 2016

How to Complete Your Biggest Project in Next to No Time (Daily Behind the Scenes Blog 1)

Hi lovelies

So last weekend I posted that I've been so neglectful of this blog I would share a 'what's been happening' post in the week. Well I am so crazy busy right now that I didn't, but because I'm so crazy busy it also means I've sooooo much I could be/should be sharing with you all. So I've decided everyday this week to post a daily blog of behind the scenes of what I've been up to. Heaven knows I've more than enough going on in the land of Jennibellie to fill several monday-to-fridays posts, so let's get started with this one: 

Now to put this magnitude into perspective I've other classes I'm working on that are taking over TWO YEARS! The content in this one is NOT sub-par. No corners were cut, I actually included far more than is necessary. I even launched it today (about 2 minutes before writing this post) which means lots of funky graphics were also needed to be made, payment systems set up, promo videos to be cut, sales info to be written etc etc. So how is it possible for something so big to be created in so little time?

In truth when I look at the past two weeks I'm not sure I know, everything I've done looks rather impossible. What I do know is that I have dedicated a hell of a lot of time to it over the past two weeks (more on that below) but that does not mean I stopped myself doing everything we all normally do (- including larking around as much as I wanted). I also know that the class outline was already done for me, as it was just one of the bazillion, billion ideas I had already written up in my ideas folder ready to roll with (but we all know don't we that the ideas are the easy part!). What I believe might be the main reason why in two weeks this big imposing project came together so easily, beautifully, magically even is because I could not get it out of my mind! 

Whenever I have created something with so much flow, and ease, and joy it has always been when my brain was fully engaged.

So I switched off my brain from my other 50 million 'right now' projects, this is the hardest thing for me to do as a creative. My brain wants to work on everything at once, my hands want to work on everything at once. The trouble with that is while it's fun to work that way for playing, if you want to produce something beyond that then scatty on the inside generally produces scatty results on the outside. So I crossed my other projects off and gradually allowed my excited in this one to overpower all I was doing. 

Once that excited had taken over I didn't feel like working on other projects so much. What I did do though was occasionally enjoy other projects, as I used them as a way of taking a break from this one, yet staying inspired. I didn't linger in those other projects though, I wanted to get straight back into this one. Having built this focus with this main project it somehow brought it to all the others into focus as well. No more scattiness, just crystal. clear. attention. on whatever I was doing in that moment in time.

Working this way somehow makes time stretch. I managed to complete more work in one day than is usually possible in a week. 

There is this false perspective in our society that says anything good only comes through hard work and struggle. 

There is also this idea that producing something quickly and easily means it's won't be up to scratch. Like above I felt I had to make a point of mentioning that in this class I did 'NOT cut corners'. But this way of thinking is so far from the truth! When something comes together through joy and engagement it is 1000 times better than anything created through struggle and strife. It contains more juice because it is built with enthusiasm and passion. The creation and the creator are connected, are one, meaning the creator puts all of themselves into it.  It is meaningful and has a purpose beyond being made because it was planned, or because it will bring in x amount of sales or because it is the 'it' thing to do. 

Somewhere along the way this year having to deal with some 'life stuff' I forgot the right way to bring a project into fruition, but I know this. I've always known it. This is the whole process of creating projects joyously, easily and quickly that I teach in another class: Creative Goal Journaling. Somehow this year I've been all screwed up with uncertainty and perfectionism. It feels so good to kick those to the curb and do what it takes to create a big project in next to no time: just be in total engagement.

That's if for the first Daily Behind the Scenes Blog, argh it feels so good to be back! 
See you tomorrow!

PS In case you were wondering here is a look at the class I created in two weeks and released today:

Created especially for artists and owners of handmade goods shops this class is all about how to make money from your creative skills in a way that is profitable, sustainable and most importantly enjoyable. And because I'm releasing this class on Cyber Monday FOR THIS WEEK ONLY IT IS LESS THAN HALF PRICE

Here is a sneaky peek video. If you wanna get all the details, more sneaky peeks and topics that will be covered please head over to this page: 

Happy Cyber Monday!!!!

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