Monday 19 September 2016

Need a creative kick in the pants?

If so what is the one thing you can do for yourself today to gift yourself that lift/inspiration/revitalization? 

If you read my latest blogpost where I share the struggle I've had with my creativity you may know I’ve had a punishing year, but through all this I’ve learnt all we need to do to give ourselves this boost back on our creative path is one simple *small* thing. 

When we are in this space we can think that we are soooooo stuck that we need to make huge shifts in order to get ourselves moving again. This is FALSE. Every journey begins with a single step...and besides big shifts are too difficult (if not impossible) to do from this space anyway. How can you travel all the way to the moon if you cannot journey to a nearby sea? 

The art table can seem like a looming stranger that only gets more and more distant and difficult to approach the longer we dwell in a place where fear has set in, or the inspiration has dried up, or burnout has taken over. But…it’s still just our art space. It is the same as it was when we were thriving in our creativity, it does not have the ability to have its own thoughts, therefore it simply cannot loom. IT IS NEUTRAL, as is our creativity and both are ready to welcome us back into the fold with open arms. But it does take that one step to turn that intimidating stranger back into an old friend.

For my one step I am currently using the workbook out of my 'How to Ride Your Creative Camels' ekit for the starting of a new project, as it contains sections for helping along every step of the journey. Notice I say ‘starting’, I am not trying to attempt the whole project, I am just starting and using the kit as my one small step for doing this. This kit is the first product I have created for agggggeees and I made it because, well, I need it. As I said this year has been a difficult one but even in the best of times taking the creative path can be hard, it requires courage and it requires conviction, so sometimes we need such things to support us in travelling our paths. 

Your one step could be engaging in something new that you know will be of support to you, or it could be the easiest creative thing that you already know how to do, like cutting out images or organising your supplies. Your creative intuition will always know what the thing is that you could do that would put you on your path again. If you cannot hear it you are not listening hard enough. Take a moment, get quiet and when you feel connected just ask internationally ‘what smallest simplest thing I could do right now?’…then do it.

My newest ekit is all about riding your creative camels, traveling your path and dealing with any roadblocks that come up & available from my Etsy shop here:

Good luck (& love)

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  1. So nice☺ Happy Friday ♥


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