Friday 9 October 2015

Where YOU Meets YOU: Making Meaningful Creations from Your Journaling

Today I want to share how wonderful it feels to create art pieces that feel incredibly meaningful to you before you've even begun creating them. 

But how can to you get a significant connection to something before it's brought into being? Before you've seen it, touched it or even thought of it? 

By pulling meaning directly out of your mirror, your reflection, your giant holder of all things meaningful to you - your journal, and smushing it together with your brilliant creative ideas of course. 

I'm working on a new class (well actually I'm working on several, and several other projects of all kinds, all at once - not very clever of me as it then takes aaaaeeeooonnns to get anything ready but my excuse must be that I have to go wherever the creative energy does, as you probably know by now if you've followed me for any length of time) and one thing that came up is how much I create from what appears in my journals - and how much those things mean to me as they hold SO much significance before my hands have even created them.

For instance I shared this dragon I created this week on social media:

and when I think about it creative dragons have come up a lot in my journaling lately (and blogposts too - click here to read 'What a visit with a Fake Famous Artist Taught Me About My Creative Dragons'):

When you create this way there is a connection already present between you and the creation and it is so POWERFUL it's palpable. So in the hopes of inspiring you to take up making some really unique and personal items to you, I thought I'd share some of the things I have made from my journals. 

So first up here's something I made a couple of days ago that is really easy to emulate...

as it is simply an atc I created (with scrap card I keep cut and collaged ready for when I want them) with a message on it that comes directly out of my written journaling (see my written journal right there underneath?)

These are great to keep around your journaling space as reminders of whatever is important to you at the present moment; right now I'm owning my power! We are insanely powerful beings, and through my journaling I've learnt to forego any thoughts of unworthiness that hinder that tremendous and beautiful brilliance from coming through. It's satisfying to say 'no' to all those pesky, niggly (and boring) useless thoughts & feels so good to whip out an atc, black pen and crayons as soon as those gems come up in your journal. 
Within couple mins BOOM: you have a lovely meaningful reminder of something profoundly important to you.

FYI: this journal space above is a big part of one of those new classes that'll be on Journal Workshops soon enough. Shhh! Don't tell!

Another creation was this doll I shared when I got a 'Creative Download' (aka My Raw Intuitive Journaling Class):

here's the journaling counterpart:

I actually covered this whole 'Creative Download' process/story/development in a couple of other Weekly Ramble blogposts with videos which you can find here:

And finally I also realised one of the projects we did on Journal Workshops for my Birthday Bash (the 'Community Flag' project to be precise), also came about from the journaling I was doing back at that time about creative living (hence 'Creative Life' being on the flag):

If you want to see a video of the flag being created (and some other art technique vids thrown in too) then you can still check them out in the Birthday Bash Group [here] for free. There are many more creations I could share but hey, gotta hold something back for the class! lol.

So I hope sharing these projects has given you some inspiration. I really cannot stress enough how wonderful it feels to create art that feels significant to you before you even start. I realised writing the 'pull meaning directly out of your journal and smush it together with your creative ideas' sentence at the beginning why it feels so meaningful...
because it's where the unique meets the unique:
Important things in your journal = unique to you. 
Your brilliant creative ideas = unique to you. 
It's such a meaningful process because it's where YOU meets YOU!

Let me know if you give it a go, or if you already do this what have you created? Fill me in the comments below.

Have a wonderfully arty weekend
Much love

PS Did you see my latest video?? 
If not click the image below to watch:


  1. I have made things and used my hands my whole life. I have thought so many time how thankful I am for my hands and eyes. I mostly get joy from the making of small cards with words and making my own journal which I learned from you:D. My other favorite thing is throwing pottery and making fired clay pieces but it's not always handy to me.

  2. Hi Jenni! I haven't visited for a while. Thank you, as always , for all your inspiration. I have lots to catch up on with you! I like the idea for the quick ATC with a message. x

  3. Wonderful content Jenny. I'm looking forward to the new classes. You know I adore you and think you are fabulous :D I love to create too. I find that I've been crafting most of my life. When I don't have time to create I just don't feel the same. It's like a compulsion. (Hope I spelled that right). My life just would not be the same without being able to create, and now you're a big part of that area of my life. Thank you. Hugs & luv. <3


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