Friday 20 March 2015

Relaxing in Projects Vlog

Eeek so far into March already, anyone else feel like they can't get a grip on this year whizzing by that it's getting scary now?

We had a solar eclipse today, here's the view we had of it:

...I've decided this is the only picture I'm sharing today, usually my Weekly Rambles are filled with a few pictures of projects but I'm having difficulty with that today, so I did a vlog instead (& explain why in there).

Warning: this lives up to both terms of 'vlog' and 'ramble', 
(at least get a cuppa if you do watch it so I don't feel so bad...but once again this in-the-middle-while-still-figuring-stuff-out is what the Weekly Ramble here is all about, you have been warned)

Much love


  1. Great ramble! This week has been dedicated to creating ATCs for a swap. Normally I'll go on a creative binge, knocking out all of them in one sitting, but this week it's been trickling out, with short creative bursts. I think it's outside stress but things are lookin up...I'll soon get back to my beloved art marathons!

  2. Jenni blame on Spring Fever....OH! blame it on the eclipse!! But really sometimes we just need to daydream and our busy busy lives allow for so little of that. So daydream...ramble whatever you need to do. We love your videos and all your lovely ramblenous :) This week i've been packing and during breaks i've been painting on a canvas.... having loads of fun using acrylic paint watered down and using it like watercolor and making it swirl and move and its just been a blast... I'm going to hate packing away that canvas next week... Hugs! deb

  3. I agree with Jinxxxygirl-love your rambles! And you did that this week too right? Just rambled. And that's just fine! Giving yourself permission to play, to be spontaneous with no need to "produce". (and we do get into that mind-set don't we?) My week has been spent hunting/gathering for my inspiration station. Every waking minute! So much fun. and yes, very inspiring too.

  4. Love your ramble. The things that are coming out of your mouth are the things that are in my brain. Thank you for that BIG tip. Its great to know that putting paint to paper for no apparent rhyme or reason or project is ok. JUST DO art and stop thinking about what purpose it must have. It doesn't have to have a purpose. Love that!!! Sometimes I think too much about where to begin or what purpose it must be and plan things that I out-talk myself of a creative moment and do NOTHING. I leave only to come back and do the same thing over again and have no results on paper. Blank.... Your ramble has helped me to JUST DO! THANKY!

  5. I'm working on a mini album made from a burlap gift bag for my oldest granddaughter's graduation from high school that's coming up in May. It's a huge project, but because of my illness, it's one that's going to take time. Jenni, your vlog has helped me to be ok with just going with the flow. I feel much less pressure about this gift that I'm making because of you. Much love!

  6. I had a few sad cards to make this week (two friends who lost much loved pets) and some Easter gifts that I need to get done so I can get them mailed in time to arrive before the Holiday, so those have kept me busy, but also kept me from just playing and creating, so hopefully this coming week I can do some of that. I need a balance between the two, but then again, don't we all? ;-)

  7. I never realized that inner bully that always yammers on and on about WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THIS and SHOULDN'T YOU BE FOCUSED ON SOMETHING THAT IS GOING TO CREATE INCOME is the INNER CRITIC! Thank you for that enlightening comment! I'm a former musician and songwriter and always found some of my best ideas happened when I was spaced out- doing dishes, folding laundry, making a pot of soup. There's something to be said about freeing up the part of your brain that can develop ideas and thoughts! I am glad you have been able to be outside and have been sloshing paint! We all need to shush that nagging inner critic and just have a little bit of FUN!


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