Friday 13 March 2015

Creative Flow and Outdoor Show

I've not posted much here over the past couple of weeks due to life shizzle getting in the way, yawn! But Friday is my weekly ramble day so I’m eager to get back to it, as this week my creating has come back in spades too (not that I believe it ever goes away of course)

My 'Weekly Ramble's if you’re new here are for me to share whatever is happening in my art world right now, regardless of what I'm currently tinkering around with or where I am with it. These posts are more about capturing a glimpse of the middle process part than they are about showing the shiny finished product. This week has all been about getting a solid creative flow going again and opening my outdoor studio after it’s sleepy time over the winter.

I’ve missed being out here so me regaining my creative flow, and it waking up, collided and means most creativity has happened out here.

I spring cleaned and got it all fresh and lovely again, then I played around with my supplies and got it feeling really fluid and functional for me.

As I was rearranging, a shelf of my armoire opened up and felt really bare. Then I remembered these three tins I brought from the poundshop (dollarstore equivalent) that have been sitting in my indoor studio all lonely without a purpose. 

I had no idea why I wanted these so badly when I was in the shop, but I have learned when I get an impulse as strong as that to buy something, even when I have no need for them (and I don’t just mean the ‘they’re pretty, I want them’ feeling, I mean a REALLY strong desire to have them that’s undeniable) I just get them. The reason always becomes understood soon after buying, and needs or wants I never knew I had get met instantly by an odd, seemingly impulse, purchase. This has happened so often now that by the time I saw these I have given over the ‘it’s irresponsible to buy something when there’s no need’ inner critic voice…plus they were only £1 so what the hey, tins are always useful right?! and then voila…I suddenly needed something extremely thin to fill this awkward space. They also solved a problem of paper pieces that are now too fat to remain in my armoire paper slots, so the tins now neatly contain post-it notes, ephemera and journal spots. Look at that, an empty space that needed to be prettified and a storage problem solved by an impulse purchase….hmm just like magic!

Anyway enough of my law of attraction type thoughts about shopping haha here’s an iphone update vlog of me creating in the outdoor studio:

Spraying the watersoluable crayons with varnish to seal them.

Also if you haven’t seen this week a conversation was aired that revealed my journey as an artist for the 21 Secrets Series. If you want to join us in class there’s still time to jump in, click here for the details: 21 Secrets Spring 2015

or click the image below for the details to joining us in class this April

I hope you've had a great week in your creative flow
Much love


  1. Wooohoooo fun to see you in your darling outdoor studio again!! Yay for Spring and Spring-cleaning too! lol ((((hugs)))) for you and Sweepie!

  2. Loved the video interview with you. So nice to hear a bit more about your background. I share your love for cute tins, I mostly use them for small sewing supplies like needles and such.


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