Monday 16 February 2015

Make a Creative Mojo Box

Hello Gorgeous!

I have a little video for you today, it's about making yourself some beautiful creative energy that is personal to you for your studio space, most specifically for your immediate work space - your desk.

It's purpose is to fuel you, to support you, to encourage you and to assist you in anyway that you need so you may need to take a little time thinking about what means, and what would be most useful for you to put in your mojo box. There is no point just sticking a bunch of things in a box, for it to have energy you need to have a connection with the elements of the box and have an understanding of why X will help you deal with negative chatter of the inner critic, why Y will remind you to fill your project with love, why Z is encouraging more freedom in your creation etc etc. It's a project that may seem a little coo-coo or woo-woo, until you try it, and you realise it will make you listen to what you need to make your creativity flow more easily & address stumbling blocks or barriers you may not have realised were even there before. 

So, what do you need in your mojo box?

If you want to join me in turning your Inner Critic into your Creative Coach in my 21 Secrets Lesson then you can find all the details here: 21 Secrets Spring 2015

Have fun making your box, 
much love

PS have you heard it's my birthday and you're invited?
(you don't even have to bring cake!)
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  1. I'm figuring some sort of Mojo box that mixes a Joseph Cornell type installation with that 18th/19th century Cabinet of Curiosities idea crossed with a found materials/bricolage set up. No idea what to put in it yet but I'm a'thinking.....

  2. Hey there! I lust this idea! I am gona make one today. I already have my magic and art alter up. I am adding some stones to the snail mail packets and some other cool spiritual stuff. I didn't know you were magically included I am excited to share some cool stuff :) xo


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