Friday 27 February 2015

Living up to a 'Ramble'

Happy Friday & end of month eeeek! already?

So I want to give an explanation as to why I've not been posting around here for the past week and a half...but first here's some journal pages:

Okay so, why I've not posted? In short, 
I've had such a crazy week!

A wonderful, but oh-so-crazy, week! As some people know it has been my birthday week this week, both my 31st birthday and my art community's 1st birthday, and on saturday we had a combined party =)
It was INSANE!!!
We art-party-ed on Journal Workshops until the sun came up...and then partyeeed some truth the party's still going on, people are still making & sharing 
fab stuff!

Hundreds of us got together and it was AMAZING, the most incredible energy I have ever felt online EVER. We shared and did lots but we also had a community project (here's mine:)
but I won't go on about it too much in case you were there (in which case you'll know how awesome it was anyways!), but if you weren't then you are more than welcome to still join in - just click 'join' at the top of the Birthday Bash page here: 
(if you are not a member of Journal Workshops but would like to join in that's awesome too,
simply sign up here first: 

And as an add on to the fabulous party & to celebrate Journal Workshops first birthday tomorrow I'm offering a Birthday Bash price on a new mini class until then:

This class is about connecting more deeply with your journaling, and if you’re wondering if this is right for you then please click an image below to watch the short video I prepared to see what to expect from this class:

This class is only £7, which is the absolute lowest I can ever offer it for, until tomorrow so why not take advantage now and come join us =)

I'm also getting the Monthly Challenge ready for the 1st, so Journal Workshops is kinda barmy on art right now (...which is the way it should be of course!). Here's a sneak peek:
So don't forget to come by the Monthly Challenge Group on the 1st, be there or be square...or round...or perhaps a pear shape, you'll have to see what the challenge to determine that lol

If you're still reading, bless your heart thank you, this post really lived up to it's name 'ramble' this week haha but hey, that's represents my week perfectly!
Much love & Arty Hugs


  1. I love the girl's bright orange and yellow hair. What did you use?

    1. Hi Vicki, they're done with the 'Painters' markers that are in the pic - in the 'neon' option =) xxx

  2. Ok I must ask does "barmy on art" mean full of art? I love learning new ways to say things and knowing different expressions hehe.

    This is Michelle from Austin TX I have to comment as anon for some reason. I wanted to add that I adored the wonderful world of words workshop. Such a great deal for such rich content. Consider me on the waiting list for all of your future classes :)

    1. Aww thanks Michelle, glad you liked it *hugs*

      'barmy' means nuts/crazy/mental but is a softer version I suppose than saying 'going crazy on art' -- but in this context they're all a good thing lol xoxo

  3. I love your pages you've done ... they're awesome as always! : ) Also I wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday. I wasn't able to view the video about the party and tried quite a few times and then kind of gave up on it but I'm so glad that y'all had fun!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    So happy that you had a wonderful busy week!
    Love the pages.
    Thank for sharing!

  5. Hey! I love your pages and I'm curios about the monthly challenge thing! Had a blast at the birthday bash thing! Happy crafting! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO! P.S This is Roberta Riva

  6. My fav pic is the girl with the flame coloured hair too. Though I do also like that bead fringe on the art party project.


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