Friday 17 October 2014

Paint with Dirty Water

...literally painting with dirty water, not just to clean the brushes but using it as the medium:
All her skin is dirty desk water, zero paint 

It actually turned out really luminous, I couldn't believe disgusting days-old boggy-coloured desk water could turn out so beautiful and lovely to look at in the light. 

Why am I telling you this?? Well basically because I am still in the midst of the secret projects I discussed last week (and am likely to be for a couple more to come) & am clutching at straws, looking for anything creative I can share with you lol I am very busy working on wonderful things for Journal Workshops, for this and for that and for other places I yet cannot share

But in all honesty I want to share the dirty water story anyway, because like a lily that will push for a while through all kinds of it's own mucky bog water just to bloom its beauty for a few days, that's what I feel like so many creative projects are and do.

The girl on the dirty water art journal page was done so hastily with hardly any effort, simply so I could use up some left over paint from another project before it dried (the hair and red of the lips and background) - I gave it that much little effort that I couldn't even be bothered to pull out a media to paint the rest of her with, hence why I used the dirty water. 

My point I guess is constant dripping hollows the stone, no matter what little creativity you think you are putting in, not matter what crappy tools you think you have to make something, every drop of effort, and every drop of disgusting days old boggy-coloured desk water if used, counts.

So I'm off to drip, drip, drip some more =)
(or like the lily push on a lil more)
have a fabulous weekend
I promise not to be elusive for too much longer :/


  1. Argh! Cannot wait for your new secret project! I love this boggy water story Jenny. It is very true on many levels. If we can push through the boggy water (sadness, depression, loss, anxiety) , we truly can bloom. But it's only through experiencing the BOGGY stuff that we can find our BLOOM!
    Lovely post, lovely art, always lovely YOU!

  2. It's okay to take time to do your projects. Please don't feel pressured to post on this blog, or on your wonderful ning site. You have given so much already. It's enough. I appreciate all that you post (and it doesn't matter to me how often). Instead of stressing out about finding things to share, it's more important that you be happy.
    Thanks for your post today -- using coloured wash water as a paint is an interesting idea.

  3. I love your painted woman, she is a little sad in her eyes, maybe because of the boggy water!

    Maria from "A world of art"

  4. She is gorgeous! Dirty water and all! You are always so inspiring. Thank you! Love ya' Patricia B

  5. lol skintone dirty water I love it...


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