Friday 31 October 2014

Creative Project Rabbits

Hello Beautifuls, 
My ramble today will be a bit on the fly, as I have many mini deadlines to do and all that really keeps rolling around in my head to talk about today (rolling around is my sure creative sign that I have to act on it....otherwise it just continues and I go is Creative Project Breeding!

....yeah I like that name, think I might trademark it hehe

Anyhow this concept in my head really revolves around this quote by Picasso:
“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

I love this quote. I have loved it for years. It helps put my butt in the chair & create when 'I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna' (but secretly know it will really help!). It helps me keep the faith in knowing that if I turn up, so will my mojo - especially when I sit staring blankly around my studio, waiting for a pencil to spring to life and jump into my hand for me. It helps me loosen up and not expect something brilliant to evolve the instant I put paintbrush to paper & above all to remember that creativity is a process.

What I never understood about this quote before is that Picasso might not actually be talking about the project you think he's talking about. (Yeah I know he's not really talking to us, or about any of our creative projects, but wouldn't it be cool if he were, if he were a little Picasso buddy sitting on our shoulders? Much better than that damn annoying inner critic!) What I mean is first glance this quote appears to mean all those things that I just mentioned - basically that if you turn up to create, then inspiration will turn up afterwards and join you. 
what if you turned up to create because you are already inspired? Does this 'afterwards' inspiration then disappear? Does it then say 'oh I see your busy with another inspiration right now, I'll come back later?' Does inspiration then stop once that initial burst to get you creating has been given and not grow, evolve or meet up with the 'afterwards' inspiration to have a *p*a*r*t*a*y*?? Not in my experience. 

What I have realised this quote by Picasso might mean is that
Creativity Breeds Creativity
That it means when you are working, with inspiration flowing or not, that more and more inspiration will flow, and flow abundantly, crazily, even overpoweringly. This ties in a lot with my uber popular (thanks guys!) blogpost I did last week 'How to Get On *& Stay On* a Creative ROLL' which is all about MOMENTUM, which is essentially what I now see Picasso saying here, as:
Action inspires Creation. 
Creation inspires Action. 
That is the simplest way I can think to put it.

This has been happening to me A LOT lately. And it's kinda annoying, because while I'm busy busy busy working away on one project I suddenly get ideas & desires to start another, and then another aaaaaaand then another. Mostly I just write the ideas down, and allow them to still have room in my head to incubate, but continue on with what I am creating...

making my weekend creative action list fun, even if I deviate from it

But sometimes the inspiration is so strong I have to act, and when I do this the projects themselves just seem to come together so swiftly and easily it's like someone else did them. 

And what is more I don't feel like they are taking anything away from the other projects I am creating, in fact quite the opposite, I feel they are assisting them somehow. May be by allowing the original projects some rest-bite to cultivate and accumulate better and better ideas for making their own progress better. I also feel that going off on this inspired action adds fuel to complete other projects too, because of the Creative Roll I spoke of last week - basically it's keeping the creativity muscle well and truly flexed.

My 'Daily Gratitude Journal Kit' above is one such project. At the beginning of this week this kit had not even been thought of, and now by the end of it, it is finished and available in my shop:

So what I'm hoping all this inspiration and action
(and inspired action)
means is that by next weeks Weekly Ramble I'll be announcing one of these projects, then on, and on, and on, for all of November =) lol I guess we'll have to wait n see.

Love you all, thank you for listening to me ramble
PS want something from me before next week?
I'm posting an IMMENSE video tomorrow for Novembers Challenge in the Monthly Challenge Group on Journal Workshops - it's epic & you're welcome to join us =)


  1. You never ramble, Jennibellie. I love to hear what is brewing in your creative mind! Can't wait for the video. The longer, the better. Will check out your new kit.

  2. Tomorrow here in Richmond VA it will be cold and rainy. I was dreading it. Now that I know you have a new vid, Jenny, I predict instead of feeling sad and drab and cold I will feel enlightened, challenged and get the warm fuzzies just from seeing your new video!

  3. I like that (little picasso on my shoulder)! I may put it in a sketchbook doodle. ♥

  4. I only found you a couple of days ago Jenni and you have inspired me so much already! I love the Picasso quote. I take from this that the more I create the more I want to create - problem is having the motivation to get started!

  5. Finally, so glad to have a video tomorrow. I have missed you soo much. and I have rewatched your vds so many times I probably could dub them for you. Just kidding. Love ya and hugs to sweepie!


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