Friday 13 June 2014

Weekly Ramble #2 ~ Midst of Jennibellie Wall Project

Hi guys, so true to my words of my first Weekly Ramble blogpost last week I don't have a completed project to share, but what has been a very crazy couple weeks and a big-ass wall project! 

If you are a member of my Monthly Challenge Group on Journal Workshops you may have seen in my vlog at the beginning of this month that I have been making art not for anything online related (which is why my presence has been a bit thin, and hence another reason why I'm loving the Weekly Ramble idea) but for a centre specialising in Dementia and Alzheimer care. If you are not a member of the Monthly Challenge Group you can join it here: and catch up on the challenges entirely in your own time, there is vids in there as well as lots of shared art inspiration! And if you are not a member of my Journal Workshops community you can join it here: completely for free, as is all resources currently on there =)

So I will do a 'proper' vlog of this once all walls are done but here's a sneak peek of what I've been up to:

Before I started - but still a lot of work to get the walls to this state!
I started with the fishies! 'Under the sea' before 'Over the Sea', You Sea?!

Here is a small snippet of a video I made for a friend to show how I was getting on:

I've done the sea, I've done the sea, Woohoooooooooooooo

So now I'm on the upper bits of the wall:

Sometimes I stick painted elements
Sometimes I paint painted elements

And the particular wall came together into this:

What do you think? 

Still several walls to go...
after I come back from a short lil hol I'm taking next week woohoo!
As I say I will make a lil vlog once all of the walls (on this particular section of wall anyhow! I've a feeling I'm being roped into doing more haha) are done. 

So I'm out for this week and off to pack, 
I shall have internet where I'm staying (hopefully, cross your fingers!) so shall keep the blogposts coming =)


  1. Your walls are lovely! What a happy fun atmosphere you're creating!! Can't wait to see the completed project <3

  2. I sea, I sea! Love it! You are doing a wonderful thing here and it will be appreciated by so many for a long time to come. MWAH. Have a safe trip busy gal!

  3. It looks fantastic! So colorful and cheery. I'm sure it will make everyone smile when they go by it. Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Wow! The walls look great. You've obviously worked really hard to make such good progress. The residents will get a lot of enrichment from the colours and scenes. Have a well deserved rest on you hols. "Sea" you later xx

  5. What a great project! It's lovely, and just think of the joy it brings to those who travel those halls!!!

  6. Those are absolutely fantastic. So fun!

  7. Just beautiful! What a lovely way to brighten their days : )

  8. I think it's great! I find interesting that you glue some elements on the wall. I miss this kind of activity. I feel I am going to do a mural again on one of may wall... :-)

  9. This is Amazing :)

  10. Wow you have gotten a lot done. It looks so bright and cheery. Sure to bring some well deserved smiles!

  11. WOW! Walls are looking awesome!

  12. Lovely! I know it is tiring but I bet you are having some fun with it. That is a lot of wall space!

  13. Great work! That is a big job to do.

  14. Girl, that is superdupergreat! So much bigger compared to an art journal, and you rock it. It is simply amazing. Greetings from Holland, Cindy.

  15. Very cheerful and delightful, I'm sure it will provide lovely thoughts and dreams for the folks there. Beautiful job....have a great relaxing holiday.

  16. Jennie, this is really fun!!! A wonderful art project.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  17. As a motivational teacher at a vocational school, I would take 36"butcher paper, paint, glitter, and imagination making huge posters for display. Although temp, I'd roll them up and save for another day, replacing with new ones. Your work is wonderful! Many blessings!


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