Tuesday 17 June 2014

Tell All Tuesday ~ Featured Artist: Sandra Kaye

Hello Beautifuls!
Early TAT from me as I am on holidaaaaaaaaaaay yaaaaaaaaay!!!
So I'm gonna post this quick as I've no idea how long my mobile bluetooth internet will hold up haha enjoy =)

Tell us a little bit about yourself & what kind of artist you are.

I am a very colorful HAPPY artist. The brighter the better for me. I have never been to art school...all I know I have figured out on my own or taking art classes from other online artists I admire. I have always been one to make things with my hands. In fact I find it difficult to sit and NOT be doing something with my hands. You name it I have tried it...ceramics, metal, quilting, scrap booking, drawing, painting, assemblage, jewelry making, doll making,....lol!!! Like I said...I have tried it all. I have settled down with making art quilts, painting, and journal making. These are my passions at the moment. Nothing makes me happier than filling up an art journal, making art journals, playing with fabrics and fibers, or making a huge mess with bright happy colors with my paints !!!

What is the biggest challenge you personally face as an artist and how do you overcome it?
I struggle with being good enough. I know we all say that....but it is a real issue for me. I have struggled with self worth for many years....as I am approaching 50 in a couple of years I have decided enough is enough!!! My art is good enough for ME. It makes me HAPPY :) ...and it is the icing on the cake if my art makes someone else happy! I make things that only feel good to make. I'm not good with commission work...I make what I love....and put it in my Etsy shop....if it sells (AWESOME) if not it is okay...I loved it, so it can be added to my home decor very easily...or giving as a gift. I think everyone has an artist buried deep inside them somewhere....and I get the greatest high when I can help someone find that artist:):) Putting my art out into the world is a must for me. If only to inspire others to try and make art:) :)

Have you ever found anything that originally daunted you as an artist that you can now overcame easily?
FACES!!! yikes!!! I love to see all the artists who do faces....but I knew there was no way I could do that!!! Well, I decided screw that!!! I can and I will. So I took a large moleskin I had sitting around doing nothing. It is now my face journal. PRACTICE makes better...right!?! So, I put one foot in front of the other and just started!!! I love where my faces are right now!!! But, it took many hours of practice to get where I am. And it will take many more to get to where I want to be...but I WILL get there:) 

What is the best thing / worst thing that art has brought into your life?
Art is very HEALING. I have been through a mess of stuff in my short lifetime...and I am a stronger woman right now in this spot of time because of my art....I struggle with depression from time to time...and making a bright colorful mess is very good for my soul and well being ...having colorful art all around me is awesome. I always lean towards the bright....because, quite simply it always brings a smile to my face, and makes my soul warm and fuzzy....giggle....truly it does!!! To me its the BEST therapy on the planet:)

Tell us where can we find out more about you & your art? 
You can find me at the following places my art blog, instagram...sandieloves2art, facebookEtsy shopPinterest 

Thank you for sharing your art and story with us =) (ps that rug is *INCREDIBLE*) as I say I am posting this quick, so I know that it does post so no lil Jennibellie sum up here...because of the dodgy internet but also because I'm ready to go and have an extravagant afternoon English tea in a very English lil tea shop woohoo see you soon =) 

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  1. fantastic, off to look at all those links. I wonder if its our age that makes us that bit more confident? I am 'just' starting to do the same and get braver, only just put my first artwork in my Etsy shop yesterday with exactly the same attitude as you. Also agree that the art keeps us sane, or at least banishes too many of the blue's. Colour therapy and art rock!

  2. Yeah!!!! Super excited to have been chosen!!! Thanks so much Jenni :):) You are the best!!!! ....just so you know, the top pic is a quilt that hangs on my wall in my bed room...its not a rug. (LOL)

  3. Sandra, your work is awesome!!
    Jennibellie, thank you for your time and efforts to keep all of us inspired. Without your work, we might not have access to other artistic friends from whom we get inspiration!

  4. Yes, I agree with Della. Thank-you so much Jennibellie for bringing inspiration to us. It is appreciated!!!

  5. Very cool! Thanks for sharing your artistic talents! Have a great holiday, Jenni.

  6. great interview - been following Sandra's blog for a while now and I love her colourful work. :)

  7. Congratulations Sandra1 I really enjoyed the interview, learning more about you and your art! I especially liked your painting "Art Makes Me Happy"


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