Thursday 6 February 2014

Wishing Tree Tutorial and Vlog

Hey, so I made a video tutorial and vlog about a week ago and sent them out as The Scoop part of my newsletter but am only now just getting around to posting them properly (crazy week = late posting). Such a big plus for signing up for my newsletter I think, as it's one of the only deadlines I set for myself it can actually prompt some creative-posting action from moi lol anyway I'm getting round to it now.

I'm calling this an unconventional tutorial, because well frankly I think it is, even for me! Other non-conventional tutorials I've done still seem to follow a thread ie recycled art, or homemade craft supply making, while I guess this is more a tutorial driven by my own heart and set of circumstances. This is why there is also a vlog to follow on from the tutorial. Expect plenty more of unconventional things from me this year, as I found some times in 2013 were difficult to get the creative juices flowing, I will be following my heart this year in all creative endeavors I can imagine, can pursue, can create =D 

So here are both videos, 
I hope you enjoy my unconventional tutorial =)
Much love


  1. There is such bravery in admitting what we perceive as weaknesses and sharing what we are doing to change...thank you for your trust, Jennibellie, and best of luck. May you feel yourself becoming more grounded and centered by the day! *raising water bottle*

  2. What a great idea! Thank you Jennibellie for showing ;)
    big hug

  3. I can't believe you MADE that tree by hand Jennie! When I first saw it, I thought "I wonder where she bought that tree from?"...... are AMAZINGLY creative! Thank you for being out there!

  4. Thank you so much for just being you! I love your blog and videos and have learned so much. I'm braver in my art by the day and am finding me. I'm even getting my sister into this kind of art and she loved the handmade beads that I made using your tutorial, I even posted it on my blog. Thank you again for your beautiful self!

  5. I finally learned how to leave comments!
    Thank you for this tutorial, I really really love those little owls, I picked up some more sculpy so I could try my hand at a few.

    As usual, you've inspired!

  6. Such a cute tree! Adorable!


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