Tuesday 7 January 2014

Warm Up Art Journal Flip Through

Happy New Year!!!
Although it is a week into the new year this is my first post of 2014 so apologies for the delayed well wishes =D

As today is tuesday this should be a TAT post, however I do not have many interviewees lined up so thought I would start next week and take this opportunity to call for new recruits! If you want to be featured in my tuesday interview feature you don't have to do much, just email me at jennibellie[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk and I shall send you the details. 

Go on be daring, it's a new year ;)

So what I have instead is a journal flip, of my outdoor warm-up journal, the video will explain the rest, sit back & enjoy:

Much love


  1. Love your warm up journal… good idea… I usually warm up on junk mail envelopes… I should spread out more :-)

  2. Hello jenni been watching your videos lately feeling very inspired to get back into journaling, I havent done that since I was at college which was 10 years ago. Ive had massive creative block for a long time since becoming a mum because of time constraints its difficult to stay creative but watching your vids and also discovering keri smiths wreck this journal its really begining to shake the cobwebs off, and think about blogging again to. This journal of yours is very refreshing to see because of the space your giving to each element (to me personaly anyway ). Keep going I know all too well about creative block believe me happy new year jemmalou :)

  3. very cool. I hope you'll get more recruits for TAT . =)

  4. Love it! And your nail polish is amazing! I was totally mesmerized by it!! haha :-)

  5. I wish my completed pages looked half as beautiful, complete and inspired as your work in your "warm up" book. Lovely, thank you for sharing. Happy new year!

  6. A very happy new year to you Jenny! I can't believe TAT's been going for that long already, so cool. Hope you get a lot of new interviewees.


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