Sunday 26 January 2014

Posi-pebbles Tutorial

Hi guys I had a little extra clay from a recent project (which you will see v.soon) and given that I was using it for the other project & it was air dry clay it was becoming a little dry, so I decided to make this pretty instant project that is perfect for using the scraps of your clay - whether it be air dry clay, paperclay or polymer clay etc.

So firstly split up your clay into the size you want your posi-pebbles to be, or do as I did and just divide the clay you have equally between the number of finished pebbles you want.

If you want to have them matching perfectly you can weight them, cut them accurately, use a mold etc. I prefer the rustic look, like actual pebbles & stones, so I just guesstimated and formed them with my fingers.

Next you want to add the 'posi' to your 'pebbles' so choose the words you would like to incorporate into your stones. You can write your words with a cocktail stick or tool of you want to include your own handwriting, I however went for some alpha stamps.

I love these mini stamps sets, over here in the UK loads of companies now make these and they are very inexpensive - as you can see I'm a little bit mad for these.

Next wait for your posi-pebbles to dry thoroughly (I left mine for 2 days) then paint them whatever colours you wish with acrylic paints. I choose colours that make me happy, and even colours that I somehow associate with that particular posi-pebbles word.

Once that layer has dried I them dabbed a stone colour (beigey taupe) onto my pebbles with a sponge, then also added some white highlights with my finger tips to make them each unique with markings like real stones and voila!

Gorgeous Posi-pebbles yay!

Mine are going to go in a very special place which you will see in an upcoming tutorial (if you watch the vlog that will accompany that tutorial anyhow - yes you have TWO videos coming, you lucky devils...if I can get on with them and stop making other stuff that is ;) lol)

Till next time
Much love


  1. What are Posi-pebbles? (im not american or english so maybe somebody can explain?)

    1. It's just a term I came up with, mixing 'positivity' and 'pebbles' together - they are basically affirmation/positive thinking stones which you can actually get from shops (& as I say if you look closely in an upcoming vid you'll see what I do with them =) )

  2. Wow! so cool! ILY ILY ILY!!! <3 I was wondering if you could do a Q&A video! (ILY = I Love You) <3 Sophia!

  3. Great idea Jenni!

    And i have some air dry clay that is getting rather dry....hmmmmm... I'm glad somebody else asked about the 'posi' LOL! Hugs! deb

  4. Fabulous! I think you could carry these around in your pocket and feel the positive vibes :o)

  5. Awesome Idea


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