Sunday 4 August 2013

Free Etsy Digital Collage Sheets through August

Hi guys
so last month I passed over 1000 sales in my etsy shop yay!
I was planning do something as a thank you to my customers at the time but all I could think of was a giveaway, which usually can only benefits one or two people, and I wanted to benefit my customers as a whole.

collage images used from my positivity set

So instead I've decided to offer a free digital collage sheet with each order throughout the rest of August. I'm hoping giving nearly a whole month will give everybody that wants to buy something & take advantage of this enough time to do so.

If you spend over £20 I will give you 2 free collage sheets.
If you spend £30+ I will give you 3 free collage sheets.
(totals not including postage & packaging)

Tabs and Banners collage images used

All you have to do is leave a note during checkout letting me know which collage sheets you would like and I will email them to you. You may have any out of my shop =)

Please do not put the free collage sheets in your basket (unless you are buying them as part of your order) or you will be charged for them! Just leave me that note, and I will send them in addition to your order =)

Here's a video just to wrap it all up:

Hope you're having an awesome weekend
Much love


  1. Just found you on YouTube and you are a maz ing!,, just off to shop at etsy!

  2. Jennibellie,

    You have been one of my favorite people to follow on Facebook, your blog, Twitter, Youtube, Flicker, etc. Thank you for always being so in touch through your posts and videos. It's like having a far away friend to share your love of art with! I have a link on my blog and added you to my list of favorites! Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Jenny, this has nothing to do with this post (nice gesture to your customers though), just wanted to let you know I linked to one of your youtube tutorials on my blog, the one about faux gelli prints. It just so happens I have been printing collage papers yesterday and then somebody asked me to do a tutorial on them, but my technique is so similar to yours that I figured I would just send them your way. ;-) Since I always like it when people tell me they've linked to me I thought I'd just quickly tell you.

  4. Very kind and generous of you. =)

  5. Congratulations on the sales success, I may have to have a wander over there :)

  6. wow jenni you are so generous to your followers. Love the news letter too! you are awesome keep up the wonderful work

  7. Hoi jenniebellie,
    heel leuk gedaan,
    ziet er heel apart uit.
    groetjes Marja


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