Wednesday 21 August 2013

Celebrating the Small Victories!

Hello there, so after my last post where I mentioned not so much a creative lull, more a total lack of creative interest, I've had a couple of days chillaxing. 

I took on the belief that I was recharging myself, totally away from creative ventures...when all of a sudden someone pointed out to me that some of my relaxing practices were, in their eyes, totally creative. 

I finished some hand-cut packs for my shop, not thinking it was creative because it was stuff that needed to be done, so I just did. I made some recycled envelopes, because I had finished with a brochure and it's always been instinctive to then fold them up after, but never did I consider that either as particularly creative...just necessary to recycle and get free mailing supplies. I got some new beadage, by breaking down old jewellery etc etc.

When I stopped and looked around me it made me realise creativity is totally relative - and not just to other people, but also to our own moods or mindsets. When I posted the last post I thought 'not being creative' in terms of 100% completing a painting, a video or a new product for the shop - because that was where my mood and mind set were at. But doesn't cutting those hand-cuts mean I have a something handmade to offer in my shop? Doesn't recycling those brochures mean I have something ready to add a bit of art too and send them out in? Doesn't breaking down old jewellery mean I have new beads readily available for my next projects? 

Shifting my mindset has made me realise that a 100% complete project is made up of 1%'s of mini effort...some days all you can stretch to is the 1%, but on those days mood and mindsets need to shift it's relative percentage of 'creativity' too. 
We need to celebrate our small victories! 

Right now I'm celebrating colouring my world a little ;)

Thanks for droppin by
Hopefully another small victory should be a new video tomorrow =) pop back and see ;)
Much love


  1. You are so right Jennibellie! Creativity is all about the journey. We have to take into account the process because there is always new discoveries to be made. Sometimes, we just needed to be reminded so THANK YOU for this.

  2. Agree, agree, agree! Thank you for the reminder!

  3. I agree and seeing as I cut up 300 ATC cards today (using a cutter , thank goodness!) ready to set an ATC homework for my students next term (12 Yrs). I hope this will start a creative journey for them.

    PS Award on my blog for you, just for fun and to may get some new visitors to your blog.

  4. Good point, Jenni. I oft forget this, yet it's the little things that make up the meat and potatoes of anything. Thank you ; )

  5. I myself have lost my mojo slightly after enjoying some really good projects so I know what you are going through. However, sorting out the craft table has led me to finish things and I totally get your perception.

  6. you've got me thinking dear jenni, and i agree. so rock on with your still creative self! :)

  7. You know that old saw about thousand miles trips starting with the first step? Well, it's true :grin:

  8. Oh well I have been in the same "not creative" mood for about a month but in all that time I have been making cards and doing things that as you say " must be done" not realizing it was all art but not what I consider to be "proper" art! Yes I agree we must change our thinking! Thank you for sharing!
    Lots of hugs,

  9. You are so right - just think about cooking - imagine telling a chef that chopping veggies was not part of the creative process!

  10. Oh yes! Creativity is not just finished product. It's first just thinking--which sometimes includes reading magazines, books, watching videos, doodling, planning, or even daydreaming to percolate ideas. Then there are tons of organizing to keep your supplies easily accessible. Tons of prep work hours and gathering of supplies--pieces you make or prepare for recycling. And anything you have to do related to your shop...well, that brings money back in for more creating! And even how you package your products has its own flair. It is all part of creativity and being creative. You can't have your finished products without all the rest of it. ;)

  11. AMEN to that!!!
    Again, heartfelt thanks for sharing your journey with those of us who admire your passion and honesty. Here's to creativity in all its fulfilling forms...
    Beth :-)

  12. Even organizing is part of the whole being creative... It means you can work easier/more productively the next time you sit down to create. Celebrate it all!

    1. Exactly. I was thinking that de-cluttering and organizing my studio is part of the creative process, too. After all, I can't make *any* art without a place to work. :)

  13. This really spoke to me. I can spend a day taking photographs, writing in my journal, doodling in my carry on sketchbook, writing a blogpost or article and maybe just cutting out images for future collage and then at the end of such a day totally feel like I did nothing! Just because I didn't spend time at a worktable or in my studio. It's ridivulous really. We really do need a shift in thinking. Thanks for reminding me.

  14. Yes! Prep work is part of any creative process. You won't get much done creatively without prep work, because eventually you run out of supplies. I have been thinking about the pressure some like you must feel, to continually be producing something because it is expected, because you have a blog, etc. That is a lot of pressure. Even God rested:). Take time to recharge, restock, and refresh, and we will be waiting to see what you will gift us with. Patience is a virtue!

  15. This is so great to remember that sometimes the creative process includes doing things that do end up as a masterpiece in our eyes but are part of getting ready for the next step and may be the thing that inspires your next project! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

  16. o yes we do need to celebrate the small victories


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