Saturday 23 March 2013

The White Pen Off

Hi guys, I've a new video out which I've done to help answer some of my most faqs: finding that incredibly elusive partner, that exceedingly brilliant match, that impossibly impeccable companion that is...the Perfect White Pen!

The Perfect White Pen is a shy creature, it needs cajoling and coaxing out of it's hide-holes to be put on our art journaling or mixed media work, but once it is the page/project is suddenly set to make everything on it come alive! Here is a comparison of the three white pen categories I use in my art journals, with info on my favourite pens:

White Paint Pens:
A good white paint pen is one of my favourite instruments to use in my art journals, my favourite by far is an acrylic paint marker and my ultimate current favourite is by the brand Montana, because the paint is fluid, opaque and has a good controllable felt tip. They come in three tip sizes, .7mm, 2mm and 15mm.

White Gel Pen:
A fine line white gel pen is again, a staple of my art kit. My favourite is Uniball Signo, because it, unlike many other gel pens, doesn’t seem to have an issue with different surfaces, it is constantly fluid, and constantly opaque.

Correction Fluid Pens:
I wouldn’t say these pens are a staple for my art journals, but they sure are fun. They are cheap, easy to use, always fluid, can cover large areas or create precise dots…and while I say they are not a ‘must-have’ of my supplies, if I had a choice I wouldn’t chose to be without them now ;)

I know I often send a lot of people out to buy a lot of products when I post something new (I know because I get told 'I have to get some of those x', or 'I brought such n' such after watching this' all the time) but it's not intentional selling; it's just that it is impossible to create a piece of artwork without using (and therefore demonstrating) supplies! In this video and blogpost I know do promote actual brands, but again as an FYI I am not affiliated to any companies I mention, I'm sharing them objectively and accurately to my experience, with the hopes that you don't have to waste a ton of money trying to find out stuff that I already did find out for myself!

I hope I've answered a few qus if you have ever wondered or asked me about this, if you have your own favs of white pen lemme know in the comments below =D till next time =)

Much love 


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. Having a wee break from the bingo marathon so got a chance to watch this. Thank you SO much for sharing what works and doesn't work -- and why! I too am using a correction pen in my journals for the same reason. I've got the same paint marker issues as you've had, but have not seen the Montana before, so will give that a search. As well, the gellipens - I've not gotten a Uniball and will have to begin a search on that. I have one gellipen that came in a kit from Ikea (I think it was) and it does ok, but not quite as strong as I'd like so will be happy to have something in that range that works well.

    And finally, Jenny, thank you for not touting the products. I said to Papa the other day that it is one of the things I respect most about you, or actually it runs secondly to your incredible creativity. :-) And then add in your very strong "work ethic". That became very evident when your camera died and you weren't comfortable with the "PayPal Donate" button. When you found a solution that allowed you to give something in return for our contribution through the Etsy offerings, I was and am still so proud of you for that. Kudo's to you or your mama or whomever it was that helped instill that trait within you, m'lady. Its truly commendable. (((hugs)))

  3. Thanks Jennibelli to let see your working with white pens. My fav indeed is the uniball signo. I haven't found the others here in Holland. But I also can not without my white (and black) pens. Thanks for the video.
    Nice Sunday en lovely greet

  4. i think it's nice that you are concious of not "pushing" certain brands/ products.. I DO see that in a lot of other tutorials.. But this one is really useful :)
    I loved the pen fight.. "I think he won.." hehehehehe!! <3

  5. Thanks for the useful tutorial on which products you use. It helps all of us to know if a product they are using is not working like expected. I like the Uni Posca but, I am going to see how I like the Montana marker.

  6. Thanks Jenny I'll be heading down to Wilkinson's on Saturday thank you for the comparision video.

    Brilliant artwork.



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