Sunday 24 March 2013

About Sketchy Girls

I wanna share a new painting with you...
I just want to share...
just because...
so I am....
I think her name is Elinor, because something wise & tentative about her reminds me of the Sense and Sensibility character.
She's one of my favourite painting for a while ~ I don't know exactly why, she's just a sketchy girl, but I do adore creating them lately, as I mentioned when I did one in the Organic Art Journal Page Tutorial Video
Sketchy Girl in the Organic Art Journal Page
and I like Elinor so much that as I've not wanted to do anything with her yet, though I made her to use on a journal page, or canvas etc. Do you get that sometimes with your favourite items? Usually I'm not a hoarder of my fav things (I think it's my eco-friendly creative inside me screaming 'everything is for USE! Not just to be stroked' lol), but with Elinor I guess I should wait until I find the *correct* project, if it's forced I can tell I'll be disappointed with the results. So for the mo she is on my inspiration board, and she makes me happy every-time I look at her:
with her sister Marianne!
Here's another I just made today and turned into a journal for my Etsy Shop:
I'm having such fun creating these sketchy girls, especially over collage, so I'm guessing you'll probably be seeing more popping up too, 
Ciao for now, hope you've had a happy weekend


  1. I wish my sketched girls turned out great like yours ;) Definitely need more practice. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls!

    xx Monica

  2. The sketchy girls are wonderful! I too especially like the way you did them over collage - it gives them such a unique look. Do I see traces of loose sketching with the ink dropper again on those? You KNOW how I adore that style of yours!!! :-D Yes, our Sunday is quite lovely although overcast and very cold with snow expected tonite and all tomorrow. *sigh* Hope yours is melting! Hugs to you and Sweepie!!

  3. I love your stunning art girls Jenny... and just adore beautiful Elinor... there is definitely something very magical about her...

    Jenny ♥

  4. I love them, wish I would get my nerve and do something.

  5. oh wow! I love Elinore and the other one too. =) They are wonderful.

    =) Yes, I have created things that I find hard to part with, or don't want to alter at all... and stuff. =)

    (I AM a hoarder though).

  6. Your sketchy girls rock.

  7. Wow wonderful! I always love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  8. love the sketchy girl Jenny! She rocks...and so do you!

  9. They are quite amazing! It is not easy to bring so much to life in a few strokes. Elinor does have attitude. :)


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