Thursday 26 April 2012

Ugly Pages Matter!

Today is day 2 of my 4 daily posts showing the videos I have been working on lately before I'm off on hols. This post is all about ugly pages, and personally why they are as important to me, if not more so, than the pretty ones. Journaling to me is therapy, and therapy is not always a pretty process - so why should the end results be? For me when I started art journaling it seemed the most difficult thing in the world to make a page I liked. And talking to other artists online it seems to be the most common experience for beginners that deflates their confidence. So I created my version of a Q&A/Vlog type of video in the hopes of helping boost that esteem & love for those poor ugly pages:
This is the first of a new video/vlogging series where I will tackle the issues we face as artists. They are titled 'Jennibellie on...' because I want to make it clear they are MY OWN personal experiences and opinions, not necessarily 'standard' or 'true' (if there is such a thing in these matters?). They may be completely at odds with what is best for you or your art, in which case I, of course, want you to ignore me completely. I am just giving my two cents to those questions I get asked about & feel I can address. Here are some of my 'ugly' pages that I show in the video:
From the responses I've had from the video I understand not everybody considers these ugly pages, but to me when I created them I really, really did not like them. It's the same thing as if you showed me the pages you consider ugly - I would most likely like them too, it's a personal thing.
Thanks for reading, tomorrows post is going to be two rather random but awesomely fun tutorials. Much love Jennibellie xxx


  1. I watched the video, no I thought your ugly pages were great, I will be amazed if I ever show mine to anyone, but as you said I do leave them be and let them be awful.

    Look forward to your new vids to keep us going.

  2. Sometimes something you might think is ugly or barely passable at the time will look better to you weeks later when you come across it. I have had that happen, too.

    I like hearing your opinions, lady! :)

  3. I really enjoy your work and look forward to an email from your site.

  4. I wish I'd kept my scrapbooks too - even though I didn't do much drawing in them. I love looking back at my duds and seeing where I've grown but I also love tweaking something from the past now and then. Keep on vlogging!

  5. Thanx so much for the video and sharing your pages. I have actually trashed projects that I did not like or thought were not 'good enough'. I also trashed my old journals and feel bad that I did. We have to learn to just let go and create. TO silence our inner critics. There is no one true definition of art or what an artist is is just getting ourselves to learn that.

    Thanx again for sharing and for all of the inspiration. I am just beginning on my art journal journey and appreciate all the videos/tutorials. ;)


  6. Excellent video, and you talk a lot of sense.

    having said that, I think you're totally wrong about your ugly pages (although there's the odd one I may agree with you about).

    Keep up the videos, and the inspiration.


  7. Hello lovely lady! I just subscribed to your blog, and I must say I LOVE your work! So inspirational and beautiful! I also make journals and books and recycle a bit. I also loved this video and your suggestions, and I agree - we don't often like our journal pages, but they are part of that learning process and therefore very important. But these pages are really great!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Sonja from sunny Belgrade. :)

  8. I thought your "ugly" pages were beautiful. I can't imagine what category I'd fall into. I am not an artist at all. I have recently discovered Art Journaling and find it so beautiful. You are who inspired me to even try Art Journaling. Being I can not draw, I had no idea how I could even attempt art journaling. I love to doodle, so that is my starting point for Art Journaling. I wish my best were as good as your "ugly". Keep are a blessing to the artistic community. God Bless!!!

  9. Thank you for being brave and showing your "ugly" pages. I quite liked one of them a lot, but that's my preference. I don't gesso over ugly pages either. I may try to work through problems during the creative process, like you, but I never cover bad or ugly art anymore, well only if it's a canvas and that's because I don't like to waste a good canvas, but in my journals, I really don't mind. I'm also sorry I misspelled Sweepie's name in my last post, I accidentally put Sweetie, silly me.

    Thanks for all your videos and all the hard work you put into them. i've gotten oodles of info on things from watching your vids.



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