Wednesday 25 April 2012

Journal Ready...

for my hols! Not that it's a long or exciting one, (still in the UK :( ) but I think it's a much needed one. A week divided between staying with friends and then family so I knocked together this small junk journal:
Made out of a tissue box:
And filled with leftover torn papers for interest:
And I'll be taking my travel kit, the contents of which can be found here:
It has acrylics, watercolours, crayons, pens, collage...but I think I'm going to add a little pot of embellishments too, like I did with my last travel journal.
So I've been VERY busy making videos, I have a bug, I know it lol and will post them on here before I leave, or you can check them out at my channel. Some really fun tutorials that I got so excited about I just had to make them, even though I had nearly no time for it lol but when the British get a bee in their bonnet I believe we're terrible till we actually do I did it :)
Off to pack but I'll be back tomorrow :) xxxxx


  1. Have good break Jenny. We are of to North Wales a week Saturday and I can'y wait.
    Saw a couple of the videos at the weekend - love the travel kit so a big thanks for keeping them coming.
    Thanks also for your kind comment on my blog about my Altered Book daisy painting.

    Ann B

  2. Have a glorious time!! I love your videos and always get excited when I see a new one you've posted! Enjoy yourself!! :)

  3. Oh this is wonderful. I am leaving on a trip today too with two friends in a small card. I am taking my Smash Journal to use it up. Love the Tissue box cover. Wonderful idea. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Hey, this is great! You have me saving pizza boxes and cracker boxes and paper bags....sigh. Now I have to save tissue boxes? OK.
    Do you think you could come up with a way to recycle/but keep old greeting cards? I don't want to paint over them, I want to keep them as is, but would love any idea you come up with. I have cards going back years.
    I love what you do! You are amazing.

  5. So pretty - I won't look at a tissue box the same again. Enjoy using it on your break

  6. Hi there from Australia! You are amazing girl!! I would PAY to see your videos and would happily line up to attend a class from you! You should be teaching!! As in a paid job teaching!!

    Anyway I'm so glad I found you a week or so back, I too am very excited when my inbox says you've got something to share again. Have a wonderful holiday.
    Love Michelle xoxoxo

  7. Oh, and one more thing, I homeschool my little 6 year-old son, I've been stealing his boxes (cereal/tissue etc) to make journals..... he he he

  8. You are simply amazing, Jenny!
    This is a wonderful junk journal. LOVE IT!! :]

  9. I love how you can create pretty, quirky, useful things out of what most of us throw away so often. Thank you for sharing your creative mind with us, Jeniebellie!

  10. Yay! A post using tissue boxes! I just knew you could do it! Hope you have a great week!

  11. I used to throw the tissue boxes. But I never thought that they can be made into so great work! I may try it of the next tissue box.

    flip book builder

  12. Enjoy and play. xox


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