Friday 24 February 2012

A Year Older...& a 5K Whoop!

Hi Guys, I write before you a year older and...well probably not much wiser. Turning 28 (scarily close to thirty - which I will not take very well when it occurs lol) attributes some of my absence this week from blogging, yesterday for example, though the day after my birthday I spent nearly all my spare time constructing this birthday present:
This beast, which is a cross trainer and bike is to fit in an already tight bedroom, but alas there is nowhere else for it to go so I'm looking to make all rooms in the house as ergonomic and multi-functional as the art studio; which is not only the smallest space in the house but it also holds the largest amount & is the most used lol. (Btw don't think me getting this means I'm a healthy person, I'm defiantly not lol but since leaving London I am in need of fitting daily exercise back into my life, as I just don't do the same amount that used to come naturally dashing up escalators or running to catch trains). So due to it's size we've decided to called it Grawp, as it's a giant, after Hagrid's little brother from Harry Potter - we decided it couldn't be called Hagrid as it wasn't furry...
& we couldn't call it Madam Maxime as my full sized mannequin jewellery holder got that name a decade ago....long before it was popular to drape your jewellery on things for decoration, I used to go out looking for interesting objects because I like to add drapes & dangles to real life as much as I do to journals :)

Anyway I just wanted to catch up as I haven't done anything much arty things this week except for a few pages in my smash book:
And a video on my homemade smash kit as was requested by subscribers after my last smash book video:
One thing that did make me smile today is my original recycled cereal box journal tutorial today reached over 5,000 views on yt, now I know to some that might not seem so grand but to me it's just *awesome*. Even this week I've still seen new blog posts & videos showing versions of handmade journals people have created using this tutorial and it just makes me really, really happy. So go cereal box journals, go! Whoop! If you have no idea what I'm talking about here is the original tutorial, much love and kisses, Jennibellie xx


  1. Happy Belated Birthday. Hope your cross trainer gets a little use. Love the jewelry holder. Congrats on the YT views, wow. xox Corrine

  2. Happy Birthday Jennibelllie! Hope you had a lovely day. The machine looks awesome, I also have a cross trainer, a treat to myself last year with my (32nd!!) birthday money. I haven't watched the new video yet but I can't wait to see it. And congrats on the 5000 - those cereal box journals are amazing, I'm on to my fourth!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Jennibelli, Hope you had a wonderful day!
    hugs Alyson x

  4. Mucho celebration!!! Happy Birthday "youngster"! Always love your pix and well done on the 5000 views! That is awesome-go figure..cereal boxes. Who knew!
    Oh, after your post from last week, i went and bought some Austen, reading P&P right now. Taking me a while to get used to the language but it's coming. Needs to be read in a quiet spot, with a good cup of tea and my doggie at my feet....Happy Weekend!

  5. Firstly, Belated Birthday Wishes! Grawp looks quite the problem with exercise bikes is that my butt aches like crazy after a session. :(

    I absolutely love Madam Maxime! Perfect for jewellery!

    Congratulations on your 5000 view status in YT...that's very awesome to me! Your tutorials are truly amazing. I love listening to your accent too. So sweet.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  6. Happy belated birthday Jennie, hope you had a brilliant day. I didn't look at your birthday present, allergic to exercise in all forms and much, much more interested in all those gorgeous things on shelves and drawer tops in your bedroom.
    Huge congratulations on the 5,000 views, a fair few will be me watching again and again - still to do mine though, but I will.

  7. Happy belated birthday wishes. Love your jewellery holder, I still can't find anything for mine and they just lay around getting all tangled.

    Congratulations on the 5000 views, I am not surprised at all, you are one talented lady. Watched your midnight smash book video on YT, how do you cram so much into a little platic box?

  8. Happy belated birthday!!!

    Congrats on the 5,000 views! That's 5,000 people you've inspired, so that's definitely a big deal. :)

  9. Happy Birthday Jenni. You are an inspiration!

  10. Happy Birthday to you Jenni! Looks like you've made all kinds of fun videos lately. Too fun. My niece told me about Smash Books just last week. What a marvelous idea. Now I have a place to put all the saved movie and concert tickets I'v kept for soooo many years.

    My birthday was the 24th...but I am waaaayyyyyy older than you. Don't be afraid of 30! It only gets better.

  11. I am afraid you can't stop the big three ohh from happening, but when you do reach 30 you will not feel any different.
    Congratulations on yout 5k....I am not surprised...your videos are fab!

  12. forgot to say ''happy birthday'', belatedly

  13. Happy belated birthday, still a youngster yet :)

    Madam Maxime is impressive, and fun. Congrats on the 5k, I must get round to watching these videos sooner or later (probably later knowing me). x

  14. Happy (belated) Birthday! Happy (belated) Birthday!

    --from one of your many cereal box journal junkies


  15. Happy belated b-day, Jenniebellie!

  16. Happy very late birthday wishes though I have to say I wish I was turning 28 this year.... though last time I turned 28 I was rather pregnant with my almost 16 year old, so maybe 28 without the pregnancy so I can drink and have fun.... hope you had the most wonderful day and a huge congrats on the 5000 views you are a star!!!

  17. Thanks for reposting the video - I'd read about your cereal box method and seen it mentioned on many other blogs, but hadn't found the video before. It's very helpful. I particularly like how you didn't waste one bit of the cardboard and ended up with such excellent embellishments! Thanks so much for sharing - I'm always inspired by what you do!

  18. I love, covet and want Madame Maxine! 29, huh? I'd love to be 29 - no make that 35 again!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! Good luck with Grawp and I love your Maxime. I really enjoyed your cereal box journal video. Haven't tried it yet, but I am not surprised you have over 5,000 views! Nice! I love watching your videos and always learn something. :)

  20. "HAPPY, HAPPY... belated Birthday!" ((hugs)) :]
    Always enjoy visiting your blog, adore your videos, and thank you for sharing your wonderful talents... always. <3


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