Sunday, 5 February 2012

Journals of Junk and Smash

I made two new books today YAY!

I don't know why (because it's totally not true) but I feel like I've not made any books recently. I know, I know I've shown you lots that I've made recently - the Greetings Card journals and one in the videos below shows a new smashbook I made a couple of days ago, so I guess yes technically I have been making them, but a few months ago I would make like 3-7 a day.

Now my creative time has to be divided with online activities and making videos. Don't get me wrong I love doing all of those things, but it was nice to just take some time & a load of junk and just make some books, without the pressure of having to film it or worry about the outcome.
Except for some tape, these journals are made from completely recycled materials and are available in my Etsy shop. I think what also feels good is putting new stock in my store again, it's got plenty of journals in there but it's been a couple of months now since I made any journals with the intention to sell them, so I guess it made me feel productive too.
I also finished a mini travel art journal, and made a video flip of what it turned out like:
And finally here is my handmade version of a K & Company smash book, which for a long time I tried to avoid because while they are very pretty & cool, they are just the 'old school' style of scrapbooking. It's what I remember doing as an teenager (a teenager who stumbled her way through creativity while oblivious to the actual world of crafting) & what my mum, who is not a crafter at all, used to do with those big ole A3 green scrapbooks and sellotape in all the memorabilia from her hockey team. But I gave in, because they are adorable and as they actually look like journals & not scrapbooks they sing to me, not just call my name, but sing it lol
Hope you are feeling as revved up in your creativity as I am today - I'm just hoping I don't burn it all out tonight :) much love & wishes, Jennibellie xx 


  1. awesome tutorial youtube's...THANK YOU MUCH! :)

  2. I've had a nice weekend of crafting too! Yesterday I made 20 ATCs for a swap I'm in (had NEVER made an ATC before) and today I started my first ever mixed media canvas. I'm happy with what I've done so far.

    I love seeing your videos, for sure. If you need to take more creative time for yourself then you should do that!! Keep your juices flowing and you'll enjoy making the videos (when you can). What do you think of taking photos in stages and posting those?

    Whatever you do, be happy!!!


  3. I love your books and I just have to tell you that I showed your videos on Youtube to my 9 y.o. neice and her girlfriend who is 8y.o. yesterday morning, when I returned in the evening they had made few things and I asked them where'd they get their ideas and they said, "JennieBellie!" THey are so cute and they only made it half way through and then just improvised. THey made the cutest things, not at all what the video was intended (a journal) but I loved that they tried. I promised them that I would visit again and we'd work through an entire video of their choice. Just wanted to let you know your inspiring to two little girls in NY:)

  4. 3-7 a day!!! OMG! That's productive, woman! ;)
    But...but...I LOVE your videos!! People like me really appreciate all the time you take to make them. But seriously, if you need some down time to just play without recording--go for it!! ;)

  5. Well I really enjoyed looking at your books - my Sunday evening viewing :)

    I was nearly tempted into buying one of those smash books the other day... but I buy too many things!!

  6. I caught the Smash book tutorial this morning. Never knew what a 'Smash book' was until now so thanks for the info. Am saving your travel video for tomorrow morning to brighten my Monday morning - you never know I may just get time to do something myself instead of browsing the net.
    Ann B

  7. Your journals are gorgeous Jenny... love their earthy look with the recycled materials... and know I will enjoy your videos...

    Have a wonderful day...
    Jenny x

  8. Your energy and creativity knows NO bounds. Love it all!

  9. i enjoyed your videos today! thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  10. Love the videos and the Smash-book you made!
    Thank you,

  11. I'm honored that you stopped by blog and left a comment. Thank for all your sharing!!

  12. What a treat!!!
    Thank you for sharing your incredible talents, always. ((hugs)) :]
    These journals are beautiful. Your personal "smash" book is terrific too!
    Happy Monday! :]

  13. Absolutely fucking fabulous.

    I love that you're so open & willing to share your tricks & techniques. LOVE the videos... it's always a treat to see such beautiful work. xoxo

  14. Hi Jenni,

    Sooo happy to read your message on my blog the other day!!! Always nice to catch up with you too!
    I am having a really nice Giveaway that I thought you would enjoy entering for!!!

    Love and Blessings always,


  15. You really got me going on 'smashing' and I have just found some good books to get me going. I have linked this post of yours to my posting today...I did this as you have inspired me. I always loved sticking things in books:)
    Tthanks for the inspiration...your tutorials are fab!

  16. How did I miss these, they are terrific! xox Corrine

  17. Hi Jennibellie, Love your art and journaling info and videos! Thanks for sharing so much! I am interested in purchasing some of your hand made smashbooks or journals and your paper beads. However I don't see them in your etsy shop. Do they sell out quick? How do I know when you have added some sooner? Thanks again! Cheers, Noelle


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