Sunday 9 October 2011

My First Zine

I thought I would do a short post (though with lots of pics so will probably become long lol) of what I've been up to as I haven't posted anything yet in October.  Well recently I made a good friend a handmade journal, gave her loads of supplies and a few tips on how to fill it. Then I realised...why wasn't I making this as a kit for my Etsy shop? So I've been busy as a bee making up these journaling kits:

To go in each of these kits I made this leaflet with information on, and exercises for, journal writing, art journaling, gratitude journaling, visual journaling etc:

Doing this leaflet was like having a 'light-bulb-'ping'-alight-above-your-head' kinda moment. For the last couple of years, ever since I discovered Etsy actually, I have been obsessed by Zines. I have brought many, drooled over some more and wished I could do my own, but seriously...what do I have to share anyone wants to read about?

Well doing this blog, art journaling videos, and my Etsy shop (properly) over the last 3/4 months has given me the confidence to realise that my work is worthy, and as interesting to others as what others work is to me. So I have started my own Zine, YAY!!! It's a creative prompt zine - everything from creating art, creative writing, textile art & collage to making chocolate truffles, magnets, homemade stencils and even lipbalm!

Here's a sneak peek at a few pages:

And the best bit about this zine, or at least I think so, is it will contain materials throughout to use in the exercises given, yummy, yummy, yummy hehe. I'm going to link up with Artists in Blogland, please come join and share :) Hope everyone's enjoying their Sundays activities too, much love Jenny x


  1. Congratulations! And YES your art, tips, exercises, ideas are WELL worth seeing and reading about!

  2. I love the kits, and I love the zine! So impressed and excited. Going to share this post with Twitter friends. :)

  3. Love the kits.
    That gives me an idea for something I could try.


  4. Hi Sweetie, the kits look great I'm sure they'll do really well. I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for the award you gave me last month. Sorry for the delay, there is no good excuse I'm just rubbish at keeping up with my emails and comments :(

  5. The kits are a great idea and look so good all packaged up. I am glad you gained that confidence - SO worthy!!

  6. What an exciting post - you've been full of creative energy! I really like your journal supply kits. I used to sell supplies & found great pleasure in putting together materials in kits. These look really fun & full of inspiration. I like the 'journal it' graphics & info you've created - they look funky & appealing. Well done you! Glad you're on a creative roll :-)
    Kat X

  7. Hi Jennibellie, Thank you for your visit and comment.
    Oh my your friend is very lucky! And what a brilliant idea to kit it all up. I will be looking out for your zine.

  8. Hi Jenni, I know this was from 2011, but I found this on Pinterest and was wondering, because it was some of your first offers to sell, would you happen to have one of these kits still in your stash? I would love to have something from you in your beginning of selling your art.

    ~I am new to art journaling~, love to watch your videos, an avid follower, follow your blog to get updates, and video, anyway, please let me know if you have one of these available, you can contact me at karrenh (@)

    Thank you for the art you share with us, I am so happy to have found you!!
    ~Karren H~


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