Friday 14 October 2011

Free Zines and a How to...

Today I have been busy making these zines to give away as a freebie with the big main zine I have been working on (when I finally get it up for sale). I do the same when someone buys a journal (but with a mini journal) so thought I'd keep the tradition alive with zines too.

I'd thought I'd share a mini how-to just in case you don't know how to make these bad boys. They're insanely easy and only take one piece of paper (A4/Letter size) to make. 

They're fabulous for all sorts of things (like the handbag or to shove in with a letter) but I think they're great for adding mini books into your art journals as shown above. I've not seen this done much but I love adding mini books into larger ones, particularly useful if you want to stow away something from direct sight, or to contain negative emotion in one place.

1. Take your paper and fold it in half:

2. Fold your ends into this centre fold to make three folds:

3. Fold lengthways:
4. Take a craft knife and make a slit into this lengthways fold across the two central section:

5. Now is the tricky bit, fold it back lengthways then take the two ends and push them together to make a sort of star shape:
Then continue to push and shape the paper to get defined 'page' shapes like this:
6. Fold the last page in and run brayer or bone folder along edges:

There's your 4 page mini book with 8 sides ready to be filled :) 

This post title 'free zines' is because I'm going to be doing a giveaway as today I logged in to find 100 followers! Wahoo! Thanks everyone, your support and lovely comments are so so so appreciated :)

So what is the giveaway? It includes my new zine I mentioned earlier which is all about creativity (and it contains materials to use with the creative prompts given) and some vintage ephemera which I'll show you when I do the giveaway post (hopefully tomorrow but my Grandmother was taken into hospital last night so possibly Sunday. I'll try for tomorrow though).

I'm going to link up with Sneak Peek Friday and Artists In Blogland to see what everyone else is up to, thanks for visiting much love Jenny x


  1. Those little books... so clever! Love 'em. :)

    You know what might be great for book art? Colored and sparkly tape. I use glitter tape for making stickers (just use a craft punch!) and also for taping hula hoops. I bet a creative gal like you could find a million uses for it!

    Also, sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope she's OK.

  2. I found you on the StudioJRU link. Those are great! I didn't even know what a zine is! I'm getting an education today and I love it!

  3. Fabulous creations! Beautiful! Hope your Grandma is ok..hugs!Wonderful giveaways!
    Have a sparkling wkd!

  4. Oh wow, that's cool! I didn't know how to make that...thank you for giving us a tutorial!

    Visiting from Studio JRU and Pinning this to pinterest! Great job.

  5. Those are cool! These would be fun to make with my kids.

  6. Thanks for the pictures! Really easy and fun thing to do! Patsy from

  7. great idea ... thanks for sharing. I hope that your Grandmother is okay.

  8. Thanks for sharing that... I am going to drive everyone mad making these now!!!

  9. That is such a fun little book! I did not know how to fold one like that. Thanks for showing us! Sorry to hear about your grandmother... I hope she is alright!

  10. Honey I just got home a little while ago and your sweet package was waiting for me. I can not tell you how excited I was when I was trying to open it.
    My journal I won from your very first giveaway is breath taking beautiful. Hard to find the words of how happy I am that I have a piece of your art.
    You are so creative and God blessed you with such a gift.
    Thank you so much for sending this awesome journal to me. I can't wait to post about it.
    Love ya

  11. Thank you for this tutorial, these little books are gorgeous.

  12. Love this little mini journal tutorial...I would love to win the giveaway, too! (Coming in from Studio JRU!)

  13. that looks like something, i would love to try, thanks for stopping by my blog...

  14. Ooops I don't know if I posted my comment so if it comes up twice I am sorry. I love these little books Jenny. You have many talents I see. I am glad I have met you.
    I hope your grandma is well.

  15. I'm your 102nd follower! Great page, come by for a visit:

  16. That's a great trick. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. Awesome, Jenny. I made a little junk journal, which I swapped with Christy Sobolowski, of Gulsprite, and who is the chief honcho of Art Geeks. I hope we see more of you on there...I just promoted your paper folding and web site because this is the exact fold I used on the little journal.

  18. I hope your Grandmother gets better very soon. I follow your Youtube videos and I absolutely love your energy and your creativity. Many many hugs


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