Friday 5 May 2017

JennibellieTV is HERE!!! (& LOOOOOADDS of Other Stuff!)

So I can't remember the last time I was more excited about posting a video....not sure why, there's just something magical to this 'TV' style thing I've decided.

Watch Episode One Now:

Also there is a lot going on at the moment that I've not been very good at posting about on here so here's a super quick run through:

Today is also the LAST DAY you can get my newest workshop, Creative Resistance Remedy, at the crazy low Early Bird Discount price as Class starts TOMORROW!!!

Get the Full Details (& Watch the Vid) Here:

This is a workshop for those that are ready to make their creativity more important than their resistance, their comparison, their procrastination, their perfectionism, their analysis paralysis and all their critics and create their projects already.

Today I also posted the a Maker’s Meet-Up (with a complementary creative assignment video).

Watch the video & share all your projects with us now:

The Maker’s Meet-up is a free group on my free online Art Community Journal Workshops, a weekly meeting place where you can come and share, find support and be inspired (and where I often give little extra creative assignment videos too) =D

A few days ago I posted a new 'Monthly Challenge' video. 

The Monthly Challenge is a free group, a monthly art date for us to stretch our art/journaling comfort zone. If you are not yet a part of this Group, come & join over 5000 creative comrades plus get new monthly art vids from me here:

Finally currently I'm running a giveaway on Journal Workshops
there are just two days left to enter so if you haven’t thrown your name in yet you can do so here: 

I'm sure there's more but I'll leave it at that for now lol
Hope you have awesomely creative weekend 
Much love


  1. I loved seeing behind the scenes, and do hope to see more of these videos.

  2. Hi Jenni, I love your classes and your site. I would love to take your class on overcoming resistance but money won't allow me to. I have a very limited budget due to being on benefits due to disability.
    Please don't get me wrong I'm not expecting miracles and I don't want something for nothing, I just wanted to say please keep up the good job you are amazing.

  3. Fun to watch this. Good insights into how to absorb (or not) criticism. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  4. Loved it . Great job and hope to see more .Thank you !!!

  5. Really enjoyed Episode 1 of Jennibellie TV. I joined Journal Workshops back in 2014, but just started taking the time to get involved. I did the art swap in March and April and so enjoyed that. Hope to continue and hope to see more episodes of Jennibellie TV. Thanks!!!


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